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10-ft high water
Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Woman in labour trapped by 10-ft high water
Soldiers from the T&T Defence Force are now struggling to evacuate dozens of families from Greenvale Park, La Horquetta, after floods as high at 10 feet covered the community.

Thousands affected by freak flood
This was a a result of flooding and heavy rainfall caused by an active Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and a tropical wave.

Families evacuated in Greenvale

Farmer frees pigs to save them
Desperate to save his piglets, farmer Nathaniel Mungal opened up his pens and allowed the animals free to seek refuge on a nearby hill while flood waters rose all around him on Friday.

Young: 250 guns to help prison officers

Transitioned Petrotrin will earn US$200m annually

Gladiator's relative spared during hit

Young: Petrotrin changes not due to AV Oil
Successor firm now inherits an obligation to address that controversy.

Security net to protect main witness
Traffic in and around Port-of-Spain ground to a halt for most of Friday as police ramped up security around the Magistrates Court to protect the State's main witness who began his testimony against the men charged with the murder of former Independent Senator Dana Seetahal, SC.

Electrical issue causes delay for Galleons Passage

Regrello: Alarming increase in school indiscipline

Security bumped up on campus
After Thursday's fracas at the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine campus principal Professor Brian Copeland said the university will be collaborating with the TT Police Service to increase security on campus.

UWI principal confirms student sexually assaulted
"Our preliminary investigation, upon receiving the student's initial report to campus security, revealed no evidence of sexual assault. However, the student's formal statement, which was made the following evening, included further details related to the incident. This now includes details of indecent assault on the student."

$5,000 bail for UWI students

Mark: Suicide up 72% under PNM

Mom dies after alleged suicide pact
Chased by supernatural evil spirits which she claimed were living all over her house, Barrackpore mother Hema Hosein and a teenage relative ingested poison after making a suicide pact on Thursday.

Mother, daughter attempt suicide pact after 'seeing evil spirits'

Religious leader released from St Ann's into police custody
THE religious leader detained in connection with the stabbing death of 42-year-old pastor Alisa Ali was released yesterday from the St Ann's Psychiatric Hospital and into police custody.

Man shot in bar argument dies at hospital
A 42-year-old Valencia man was shot and killed by a lone gunman while liming at a bar on Old Valencia Road

Murder on Maingot Road
The body of Fran­cis Venus was found dead at his home at Francis Lane, off Maingot Road at around 9.15 am.

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