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Black Indians seek recognition
Posted: Friday, October 12, 2018

Black Indians seek recognition as First Peoples visit San Juan statue
A visit by the Santa Rosa First People's Community to the La Venezuela Statue in San Juan is being heralded as a historic moment by the Black Indians.

NATUC calls for Espinet's firing over 'attack' on Industrial Court
...the Petrotrin Chairman must be held accountable for comments made during a telephone interview conducted on the 7 pm news of a local television station.

Judge tells why Petrotrin injunction lifted next week

Petrotrin business model must change—Rowley
"What has been happening is the rest of the company has been reasonably profitable, but whatever they make is being consumed by the refinery."

500 cops on suspension—Minister
oined by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, Young was first asked how he intended to decrease the TTPS staggering overtime bill which was estimated at $300 million in 2018, but the service spent $366 million.

2,000 police officers on active duty from force of 10,000

Jurors believe 'accidental shooting' defence

Judge awards municipal police over $85m
MUNICIPAL police officers – some 152 of them – are to receive a total of over $85 million in compensation for the contravention of their rights and freedoms.

Pathologists, funeral homes get $3.8m from Judiciary—AG

Young: No refugee crisis
Some Venezuelans slipping through cracks

Minister: Roads to be fixed, but we won't bow to pressure

Rowley sues Moonilal for libel, calls for probe into statements made

Pieces of puzzle coming together—Moonilal

Warner slams newspaper over libel case: I never wrote article

Judge rules: Disclose documents in Tobago Sandals deal

FFOS questions T&T's readiness for dangerous industrial explosions
FFOS issued a statement on Thursday noting that the concerns stem from very recent dangerous explosions at international power plants.

Kamla urges parents: Encourage daughters to dream

SAGHS denies religious discrimination after rakhi 'shaming'
The Education Ministry claims that an incident, in which a Hindu student was 'publicly shamed' for wearing a 'rakhi' (Hindu prayer bracelet) by a school official at the St Augustine Girls' High School (SAGHS), never happened.

NGC: CNG tank in woman's school bus did not explode
"Please note neither NGC nor NGC CNG or anyone else other than the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries approves converters," Sant said.

Social media can lead to mental health problems

Residents capture bandits after doubles vendor robbed
A GROUP of residents, including women, chased after two bandits moments after they robbed a doubles vendor in Fyzabad.

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