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Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

$12b in debt, 1700 jobs to go

'We had to cut out the cancer'
With $8 billion in losses in the past five years and a bullet payment of US$850 million due in 2019...

OWTU: We not takin' dat
THE Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) intends to fight to the bitter end, the proposal to send home, according to the union, 2500 Petrotrin employees in a restructuring exercise revealed by the company yesterday morning.

Roget warns of chaos, mayhem, political death for the PNM

Importing fuel won't cause hike
Espinet: Government in control of future prices

Company seeks to reinvent itself

Petroleum dealers wary of survival

Ramnarine and Seepersad-Bachan concerned

Venezuela owing TT manufacturers US$979,000

Way cleared for Cumuto highway work to resume

Privy Council rules: Highway project to continue

No malaria outbreak in TT

Private Schools Association: Ministry's offer unacceptable
...the association proposed a $5,000 fee with a four-year period and it is not the association's intention to disrupt the lives of students attending private schools.

No hormones in local chicken, says Poultry Assn head
A poultry industry official yesterday denied local chicken meat is tainted by added growth hormones, in contrast to a common view these chemicals are added to speed their growth but at possible risk to human health.

Sick patients not being sent home, says hospital CEO

New police uniforms harder to copy—Seales

Griffith's meeting with prison officers 'positive'

Airport heist could have been avoided—EPA
A $5 million robbery at the cargo dock at the Piarco International Airport, last December, could have been avoided.

Cops increase presence
3 more slain in Bon Air gang war

Bloodshed in Bon Air
Residents in fear after six murders in one week

One-legged suspect on suicide watch

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