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Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Leak of gangster list to social media

PM: Link pay and productivity

Govt faces review from trade unions
A performance appraisal of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his Government and the date of the planned nationwide shutdown.

Govt's war with labour
Indarsingh: 35,000 people fired since September 2015 and more jobs threatened at Petrotrin, the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR), Customs and Excise, WASA and T&TEC

Labour Minister to miss celebrations, wishes comrades well

CPO, PATT restart negotiations
Wage negotiations have been reopened between the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) and the Port Authority (PATT).

Drugs, guns found in Cedros
TWO days after police discovered over $100,000 worth of marijuana and guns at a beach in Cedros, gunshots were fired in the village which has now caused panic among villagers

Better laws needed to fight terrorism
US Embassy official says

No comment on Mondello's statement
US Embassy:

Dulalchan must wait
AG: Cabinet has final vote on land lease licence

Mc Donald back at work
After recent health scare with low blood pressure

Abdulah canvasses Hinds' constituency

PSA representing PoSGH intern
THE doctor at the heart of an ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Health for allegedly posting racist comments on Facebook is being represented by the Public Services Association

I can't assume mental condition, says minister
ALTHOUGH some social media users are labeling the medical intern at the centre of a racist statements as having a mental condition

The squad car that sank: The latest
TWO of three police officers who were at a Cedros beach when it became submerged in the sand nine days ago have not yet returned to work.

Man tells court of kidnapping by Venezuelans
RODNEY Solomon said he went out to sea to fish a week before he was supposed to appear in court in 2015

Children find mother murdered
THE body of a 33-year-old woman, with her head bashed in, was discovered yesterday evening by her two children.

Woman found shot to death in St James
A 35-year-old mother of three, who had recently taken out a restraining order against a man she knew, was found dead in St James last night.

Hand chopped off, man drives himself to hospital

Criminals attack on the San Fernando Hill
Attorney Phillip Koonj Beharry and his friend, a United States professor, were tied up and robbed at gunpoint at the San Fernando Hill last Thursday.

Evicted tenant claims descent from royalty
When Marvin Ganteaume was evicted from his Providence Estate apartment last month for not paying his rent, he tried to make the case that the land on which the apartment complex stood was owned by his ancestors

Weed for party
A security guard caught with 28.4 grammes of marijuana walking along High Street, San Fernando, on Saturday morning was fined $2,500 earlier today.

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