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Young women motivated by President
Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Young women motivated by President Weekes' speech

Weekes pledges to do best, urges citizens ...Don't let me walk alone

Full Text of President Paula-Mae Weekes' maiden speech.

SHORTLY after being arrested yesterday, as he was walking back to a quarry in Valencia where he was hiding, a 38-year-old handyman/mason of Lawrence Village, Guapo, Pt Fortin expressed remorse and gave a confession statement to police

Hazel: Facts are a stubborn thing
"As you gather the data, in chronological order, I want to remind citizens that Patrick Manning was removed from office in May 2010. He suffered a debilitating stroke in January 2013 and died in July 2016..."

Former Housing Minister hits back at PM: "Leave me out of your drama"

Moves to privatise Petrotrin

MSJ, JTUM: USA must not meddle
...any attempt to interfere in the internal electoral process in Venezuela, could destabilise the entire Caricom region.

Road kill: Alarming rise in pedestrian deaths

Dulalchan takes legal action against Agricultural Minister over land
...over a decision to terminate his licence to occupy agricultural lands in Felicity.

Boy in duck pen needs counselling
The 16-year-old special needs child who was rescued from a life of squalor and abuse in January needs counselling.

Relatives of Arima murder victim:'
"I didn't know that it was my brother get shot and he was dying. This real hurt me. He was always in and out of the St Ann's Mental Hospital.

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