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Posted: Saturday, February 24, 2018

IN ITS second travel advisory for this year, the United States Embassy has placed a ban on all US Government personnel from travelling to certain areas in Port of Spain.

Legal action by Archie unfortunate
Former CJ de la Bastide:

Garcia: No armed guards for schools

Criminals spent the night robbing Biche Secondary School
Burglars broke into the Biche Secondary School on Thursday night and spent hours ransacking the building.

PCA shortlisted 12 out of 50 applicants

Ex-PSC chair tries to muzzle George
Inquest into CoP, DSC selection process

Diplomatic advisories stun Moonilal

Religion, politics a bad mix—Rowley

PM: 'I have proof UNC ministers took bribes'

Arsonists destroy liquor mart, vehicles in Carapo attack
Doodnath Jawahir and his family escaped unhurt when fire broke out in their business place at around 1.20 a.m.

Nine Venezuelans held in weapons raid
The foreign nationals are suspected to have entered the country illegally, police said.

$40,000 bail for driver charged in east PoS protest
A sanitation truck driver, who claimed to have been threatened at gunpoint to dump garbage on the street in east Port-of-Spain during protests earlier this week, has pleaded not guilty to two criminal charges

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