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National Quarries owes Gov't $40 million
Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

National Quarries owes Gov't $40 million in royalties
...which includes business levy and contributions to the Green Fund

Quarry red herring
The National Quarries Company is not aware of the size of the market for its products and it does not know its place in it according to board chairman Ulric Warner.

3 to 1 VOTE
PSC chairman writes President on Dulalchan pick for top cop

Griffith: Release KPMG short-list

Why can't CNC accept the NGC's gas price $$ offer?
...the company's ceo explains

CNC, NGC gas war heats up

$18m award to Nunez-Tesheira, hospital wants doc to pay part

Tobago pan players left stranded
...after the T&T Express experience mechanical problems and sailings were cancelled.

PCA recommended disciplinary action
...but details of the letter have been sealed.

New strategies under review to protect prison officers

42 on Death Row...but why no hangings?
...The AG explains

115 unsponsored bands receive $1.3 million
Kalypso Revue gets $150,000:

Stick fighters want Gayelle prize money increase
Boismen are demanding that the King of the Rock prize be increased from $20,000 to $60,000 while the Kings of the Gayelle move from $35,000 to $80,000.

Blue moon, super moon, total lunar eclipse rolled into one

State to pay $.2m to man charged as gang member
The State has been ordered to pay yet another person wrongly charged with being a member of a gang under the now lapsed Anti-Gang Act during the 2011 State of Emergency.

Birdie loses lawsuit over land ownership

Police identify body found inside car at Usine
...police discovered the body of Beharry in the back seat with both his hands and feet bound.

Watery grave for small-time criminal

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