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Vicky recaptured
Posted: Friday, December 1, 2017

Vicky recaptured
...found in house hours after 'public' meal

Vicky captured

Cop admits helping Vicky escape for love
The constable said he and Boodram carefully planned the escape which included falsifying a court document, planning where she would spend the night after leaving prison and her next move – changing her appearance and identity to escape recapture.

Boodram's assets worth $12M

Who is Vicky Boodram?

Big manpower gap at Court & Process Branch

Prisoner release protocol must change - Young

Minister: 11,000 locals living with HIV
As T&T celebrates World Aids Day:

PAHO director: Good progress made in fight against Aids
...with major reductions in childhood infections, improved treatment and fewer deaths from AIDS.

PM appoints Govt team to find ferry

Ramesh to take action against company
Firing of Angostura's female exec over sexual harassment claims:

Cops loses promotion lawsuit
A police sergeant, who claimed that he was not required to sit promotional examinations because he had a law degree, has lost his lawsuit against the T&T Police Service

$1.5 million bail for Palmiste ganja trafficking accused

Another great escape: Fishermen swim away
TWO MEN jumped into the sea and swam away when police officers approached their pirogue in Las Cuevas on Wednesday.

CAL chairman: Change fee justified will be no change to the recently introduced $50 change fee unless the airline is provided with meaningful alternatives to deal with the high level of no shows on the air bridge by passengers with confirmed bookings.

'I had a bad childhood'
PH rapist admits preying on passengers

Man murdered for picking up “Bone Face” late
Two men were murdered about an hour apart on Wednesday evening and police say one of the murders is linked to another killing which took place earlier that day.

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