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Posted: Friday, October 20, 2017

The Meteorological Service yesterday maintained its riverine flood alert for Trinidad especially as the Caroni River burst its banks shortly after midday.

Flooding turns South Trinidad into one big lagoon

Residents reeling
Flood waters rise quickly in South

Heavy agricultural losses
Acres upon acres of crops were submerged in filthy water in Penal and Barrackpore yesterday as a result of overnight and persistent rains during the day.

Some celebrate Divali indoors

They lit the deyas despite the floods
That's how Moruga/Tableland MP Dr Lovell Francis described residents of Lower Barrackpore on Wednesday night, as they braved flood waters to light deyas in celebration of Divali

Drivers stranded for over 5 hours
Flood waters cross highway at Chase Village

Sinanan: Rain just too much for channels
...while he agrees there are irresponsible people who contribute to the flooding, he believes that the events experienced Wednesday into yesterday were caused because of the volume of rain that fell in the 60 hours.

'Selfish citizens caused the floods!'
...not Mother Nature

Who's to blame for this?
Blame Government's under resourcing of the Drainage Division for widespread flooding, says Tabaquite MP Surujrattan Rambachan.

10 hikers rescued from swollen river
Ten hikers who braved heavy rains on Wednesday to make the trek to Three Pools at Paria, Blanchisseuse, were rescued by police after they became trapped by a swollen river.

'My house is about to go'
WHILE citizens were enjoying Divali festivities on Wednesday night, Arima grandfather Gaston Richardson was trying to save his house from being washed into the Guanapo River.

Prepare for disruption in water supply
...Desal plant to undergo maintenance work

Garcia faces legal action
Principal acts on ‘suspension’

Casino workers get a meeting...but not with Imbert

Jwala gets green light to pursue lawsuit against Imbert
Former Central Bank governor Jwala Rambarran is accusing Finance Minister Colm Imbert of sabotaging his appointment as a senior advisor with US G-24 Secretariat because of a political and personal vendetta.

A feeling of trepidation
Bishop Charles Jason Gordon, who once worked closely with the hot-spot community of Gonzales, will be installed as the new Archbishop of Port-of-Spain in December this year

Fr Harris: Education system producing failures

Three shortlisted for CoP position

Problems treating sexually active teens
Midwives are facing a serious conflict when it comes to treating youths under the age of 18

Over a tonne of illegal wild meat seized in Cedros
Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat is urging citizens not to eat illegally imported wild meat following one of the largest seizures in recent years.

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