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Prisons Association welcomes upgrade
Posted: Monday, August 21, 2017

Prisons Association welcomes upgrade of toilets in cells, a sewer and waste water treatment, plumbing, fire protection, electrical system, ventilation and the CCTV system.

AN ELDERLY mother risked her life to save one of her sons when she attempted to part a cutlass attack between her son and another close male relative at the family home in Penal on Saturday afternoon.

She couldn't save him
Woman, 71, hurt as she jumps between son and attacker

Silent protest over Mouttet being weighed
A silent protest outside of the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair may be the next best option for a group of concerned citizens seeking to get their message across over the ongoing sea bridge fiasco

All set for Tobago sea bridge talks

Dumas: Sinanan, Port board must resign over ferry fiasco

More flights from CAL on domestic air bridge
Caribbean Airlines (CAL) says that it has increased its seat capacity to its domestic air bridge by over 40 per cent in the last six years.

Second surgery for beaten girl
Part of the child's bowels also had gangrene. Following the surgery, doctors were unable to stitch up the opening due to swelling around the child's stomach and arteries.

Nurse interviewed in beating of toddler
A 39-year-old nurse employed at the Port of Spain General Hospital was questioned for several hours yesterday at the St James Police Station

Concern over CXC re-marking process
CXC no longer performs a full and fresh evaluation but rather merely does a tally of marks awarded for the different sections to ensure the numbers were correctly added.

Hiker missing after trek to Aripo
A 56-year-old Rousillac man, who went on a hiking expedition to the Aripo waterfall on Saturday with 59 other hikers, has been reported missing

Spiritual adviser missing in forest
A 27-year-old spiritual adviser has been missing since he disrobed and walked into a forested area near La Fillette on Friday afternoon

Lawyers challenge Cuban refugee's 5-month detention

Villagers praise police after fatal shooting
Residents of Basse Terre, Moruga said police officers saved a villager from certain death after they shot and killed his attacker.

'Satan' found dead in Matelot
THE body of a 56-year-old man whose alias is "Satan" was discovered with chop wounds in the bedroom of his Matelot house by his 30-year-old stepson on Saturday afternoon.

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