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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2017

Despite a High Court ruling which placed a temporary stay on its implementation, with immediate effect, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday insisted that property tax will be a reality in this country.

Only 'press statement' on hold
Al-Rawi on court's decision to stay property tax:

Govt files appeal, UNC claims breach of House rules
A notice of appeal of Justice Frank Seepersad's ruling on the implementation of the property tax was filed by Government, not on Friday, but last evening, at exactly 5.29 pm.

Confusion over property tax appeal

Review, amend Property Tax Act before implementation
Sometimes people don't have any interest in what you have to say unless money is involved

PM: Govt performing reasonably well
...but there is room for improvement

Public vex with banks
Arguing that there is "a high level of animosity" towards bank fees, St Augustine Member of Parliament (MP), Prakash Ramadhar, last Friday grilled Republic Bank Limited's (RBL) managing director Nigel Baptiste

Citizens should expect a 'hot' wet season

Let prisoners see their children
Fuad Khan remembers the horror late government minister Dhanraj Singh faced at not seeing his young children after being jailed for his alleged role in the 1999 murder

'One Eye Monster' rules
A NATION gripped by crime and the murders of women like Shannon Banfield and WPC Nyasha Joseph were the subjects of the top two calypsoes at a blind calypso competition on Friday night.

Student's act of kindness lands him on school's honour roll
Darius Herbert, a Form Four student of Trinity East, was running late for school on Wednesday morning so he decided to take a short cut down Henry Street in Trincity.

Dumas remembered as an underrated politician

One gunned down, 2 wounded at Mayaro lime
Learie "Lay-Lay" Pierre, 24, of Pierre Village died on the spot yesterday morning after he was shot on the right side collar bone

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