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Anand fights property tax
Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2017

AN ALL out attack has been launched against Government on the implementation of the property tax.

Anand fights property tax
Former attorney general Anand Ramlogan has issued a pre-action protocol letter against the Commissioner of Valuations, arguing the decision to require property owners to submit a Valuation Return Form is unauthorised

Imbert dismisses UNC 'fantasies'

Early rainy season as showers drench T&T

The rainy season is here
THE Met Office has declared the start of the 2017 rainy season saying an early tropical wave arriving across the Atlantic Ocean had brought 11 mm of rainfall yesterday.

Marcia deeply hurt, but coping still
Ayers-Caesar advised to clear name after JLSC 'attack'

UTT hints at staff cuts
The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), the country's only indigenous university, has signalled that employees will be sent home because of financial constraints.

T&T Express out for repairs
Tobagonians who are experiencing food shortages because of inadequate transportation of goods to the island are now battling more problems with the passenger ferry service.

We want a new boat

UNC has hypocritical love for Tobago, says Shamfa
She said if the UNC loved Tobago so much it would have ensured that when it was getting a boat in 2014, it would have selected a suitable one and not the Galicia which had failed five of the seven categories of assessment.

July 31 ruling on Warner's US case
Former Government Minister Jack Warner will learn the fate of his lawsuit, challenging his extradition to the United States (US) to face charges in the ongoing Fifa bribery scandal, on July 31

Losing battle with Moruga locusts

Hijab discrimination upsets Islamic Front
The Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front) is calling for the immediate sacking of two officials of the National Maintenance and Security Training Company's (MTS) screening executive for discriminating against mother of two Aisha Sabur.

Contractor shot dead at parlour
A father who was leading a fund raising drive to save his daughter's life was murdered outside his Diego Martin home on Thursday night.

Arsonists destroy Debe nightclub
ARSON is suspected in a fire which destroyed a night club in Debe on Thursday night.

Burglar on supermarket roof
A 25-YEAR-OLD Cunupia man who attempted to break into a supermarket by entering through the roof, was caught red-handed in the act by officers of the Cunupia police yesterday.

$1,000 for wasting police time
A SELF-CONFESSED drug addict was fined $1,000 on Thursday by a San Fernando magistrate on a charge of making a false report to the police that he was kidnapped.

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