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Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2017

Most murders at March 3 in five years as four shot dead in South

In one fell swoop, gunmen ended the lives of the three and left their respective families reeling in agony.

Penal cattle farmer shot dead
Hours after Kevin Fuller and two other men were gunned down at a Debe bar, a Penal cattle farmer, who is a close friend of the Fuller family, was also shot dead in the fields near his home.

Triple murder rocks Debe
Gunmen storm Debe barhe

Moonilal: Govt has failed
Call for elections over crime...

WASA: No lead in water
Test for heavy metals after fears of contaminated supply...

Calypso Rose welcomes government's offer

Religious bodies divided
No school for Carnival week; the week should be taken out of existing school vacation periods and not affect any more school days.

Two rescued from hell house
Medical proves girl 8 sexually assaulted for years

...'Real love can wait'
...ongoing debate on the The Miscellaneous Provisions (Marriage) Bill, 2016 at the Parliament

A gender issue, not a religious one—Deyalsingh
Deyalsingh said child marriage is a widespread violation of human rights and not a religious issue.

Hardship on girls—AG
3,478 child marriages in 10 years

Padarath says Chalkdust song unfairly targets Hindus
"One calypsonian tells us that 75 cannot go into 14 but fails to identify that this was once accepted in every civilisation," said Padarath, who also contended that societies change over time rejecting what was at one time acceptable.

It's not a Hindu or Muslim thing
AG on child marriage:

AG: Students in child marriage
...husbands of 12 to 16 year old girls being secondary school students, security officers, doubles vendors, labourers, joiners, gardeners, watchmen, vegetable farmers, sanitation workers, soft drink salesmen, fishermen, tractor drivers, welders, masons, fast food attendants and unemployed.

Handyman charged with $3m ganja
Sheldon Thomas appeared before Senior Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan charged with having 169 packets of marijuana, the drugs which weighed 95.11 kilogrammes.

17 drunk drivers get $103,000 in fines

Minister concerned about Carnival disconnect
...Carnival is not improving under existing arrangements where special interest groups are responsible for the specific aspects of the festival.

Wiltshire accepts responsibility for Dimanche Gras disaster
Ian Wiltshire, producer of the 2017 Dimanche Gras event told Newsday in no uncertain terms yesterday

Ballistic tests to be done on shotgun seized in Diego raid

Cop, brother leave hospital lucky to be alive
Shot by bandits in attack at South bar...

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