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Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AN ERROR in their travel documents, led to three Trinis being detained at the Simon Bolivar Airport in Caracas, Venezuela shortly on their arrival on Monday, for a vacation.

Cuban vet fined $7,000
SAN FERNANDO Magistrate Gloria Jasmath yesterday fined a female Cuban veterinarian $7,000 after she pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a tampered passport.

Trump, Rowley talked crime, terrorism

TUCO bows to Lady Gypsy
Calypsonian Lynette "Lady Gypsy" Steele has been upgraded as a fullfledged finalist after she successfully challenged her exclusion from the list of finalists.

Shortage of stickers
There was so much chaos that inspection stickers, affixed to the left side of the front windscreen of vehicles that passed inspection, ran out.

US Treasury adviser helping Govt fight finance crimes
A US Treasury economic crime adviser has been assisting this country in its fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, the US Embassy has revealed.

OJT programme changes
he programme, which has been integrated as a division of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development, is being restructured to eliminate duplication in several support unit areas

61 OJT staff members sent home

Beaten student to get transfer
PLANS are in train by officials of the Education Ministry for the transfer a 14-year-old schoolboy who was knocked unconscious during a beating by another student at the San Fernando West Secondary school.

Champs Despers plays first
REIGNING National Panorama Champions Desperadoes will be first on stage in the large band category on Carnival Saturday

1880s Canboulay Riots re-enacted on Friday
ACTORS, drummers and boismen (stick-fighters) will re-enact the 1881 Canboulay Riots in the play Kambule on Carnival Friday morning at Piccadilly Greens, Port of Spain, from 4 o'clock.

Bandleaders to face fines for property defaced on parade route
...preseason meetings were held with a variety of stakeholders, including residents along parade routes in Port of Spain and other parts of the country, and they've been asked to photograph any masqueraders seen defacing public or private properties.

Cops out in full force for Carnival

JSC hears of dwindling agriculture sector: Young farmers face challenges

Beware Giant African snail
THE Agriculture Ministry is reminding the public that failure to report sightings of the giant African snail "may result in a $5,000 fine."

Shooter with submachine gun escapes cops
Police said they observed the suspect who was wearing a white vest and black short pants carrying a submachine gun, along Lamont Street Extension, Longdenville

Dad: Please let my daughter come home
MORE than a month has passed since 14-year-old Gillian Lopez went missing and her worried father is pleading for her to be returned to her family.

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