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Roget: Workers will toil more to get higher wages
Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Roget: Workers will toil more to get higher wages
Petrotrin workers are confident they will get the "balance of percentages" as they are prepared to roll up their sleeves and work harder to seeing the State enterprise earn more money to afford higher wages

London: Watson Duke will never be chief secretary

Committee to examine financial management of Office of President

CAL proposes extra charges
If Government agrees, customers could see themselves being charged for excess baggage, flight date changes or even no-shows.

Diaz: I have not quit
AILING PanTrinbago President Keith Diaz yesterday dismissed rampant rumours that he had quit the organisation

Pan talks break down

Energy minister recovering after surgery

Senate to debate Marriage Bill

Muslim Aid: We were cleared of all wrongdoing
Muslim Aid yesterday wrote the Express to "clarify" that the allegations which led to the organisation appearing on an Israeli Military of Defence (IDF) proscription list are completely false.

Judge to decide on Thema's lawsuit
...rule on whether the appropriate forum for hearing of the multi-million dollar claim by gymnast Thema Williams against the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) is the high court or dispute resolution.

My client's safety is assured
... while she is in prison charged with killing her four-year old stepdaughter, Jenice Figaro.

Trio on rape, robbery charges
Three men accused of raping a woman and her daughter during a robbery at their home three days before Christmas

One teen safe, another goes missing
WHILE one missing 14-yearold girl has been reunited with her family, another 14-year-old girl has been reported missing from her South Trinidad home.

Schol winner doc says he did not breach contract
THE national scholarship winner, who was ordered to repay over $3 million to the Government after he failed to return to TT after completing his studies in medicine

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