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UNC petition rejected again
Posted: Thursday, October 20, 2016

UNC petition rejected again
Archie: Democratic process not undermined

THREE appellate court judges have certified the results in five constituencies held by the People's National Movement and dismissed petitions filed by the United National Congress

...Ramdeen: It's still a victory for us

NCIC gets $800,000 for Divali Nagar

Bathers want statues removed from beach
No one has claimed the concrete statues found on the coastline at Tyrico Bay, North Trinidad, on Sunday.

Complaint of lack of info
Retailers, couriers not sure

New alcohol, tobacco, online taxes start today

Petrotrin workers to shut down plants in protest action
At a time when low energy prices have forced Government to impose austerity measures, State-owned Petrotrin is bracing for an unexpected shutdown

Minister: Ghosts in OJT causing overspending

Increase in food, beverage prices
THE Central Statistical Office (CSO) yesterday reported an increase in the Index for Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages from 111.2 points in August to 111.4 points in September

Pigeon Point Heritage Park hit hard
Pigeon Point Heritage Park has been closed until further notice following damage sustained owing to rough sea conditions affecting the sheltered coastlines of Tobago

Waves rough-up Toco, Tobago
BUSINESS people along the Pigeon Point Road were the hardest hit as huge swells lashed the area on Tuesday from around 3 pm.

Toco fishermen counting losses
FISHERMEN whose boats were destroyed by rough seas along Trinidad and Tobago's north-east coasts on Tuesday

Hugh waves disrupt life in Matelot

Thousands thankful to be alive
While the death toll continues to rise in Haiti...

Mayor on wrecked driver: Cops can also err

Judge signs release forms for ‘Venezuela 5'
... the men were charged for terrorism-related crimes, has issued a transfer order for the five to be released from the Servicio Bolivariano de Intelligencia National (SE BIN) prison and into the care of the Trinidad Embassy in Venezuela.

Cop hurt in Curepe double murder breaks silence: I was shooting to injure killer
Police officer Cpl Elkene Avis:

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