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Murder-suicide rocks Trincity
Posted: Monday, August 29, 2016

Murder-suicide rocks Trincity
The worst fears of Rosemarie Blackburn's two adult children were realised yesterday when they heard a single gunshot in their home and within seconds discovered their mother dead lying on the bathroom floor of their Trincity home.

...'Jolly' husband kills wife, then commits suicide

Women urged to leave abusive relationships

Mark Loquan appointed new NGC president

SEC sends FCB IPO to DPP
THE SECURITIES and Exchange Commission has referred its findings in relation to the First Citizens Bank (FCB) initial public offering (IPO) of 2013 to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the new SEC chairman Douglas Mendes SC confirmed last week.

CDA board meets following resignation
The Board of Directors of the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss the circumstances leading to the resignation of its chairman, Anthony Pierre. Pierre resigned after issuing letters of comfort to two tenants of the CDA without the approval of the board.

Man who fretted over fine goes to jail
A MAN who made his disapproval known when he was fined $800 by the court was sentenced to five months in prison for injuring two police officers.

'Crime Watch' suspended after Alleyne's on-air comments
The Express learned that Alleyne was called before CNC3 boss Nicholas Sabga on Thursday and taken to task for remarks considered to be politically inflammatory made on air.

Who killed Apphia and why?
WHO would want to kill Apphia Quamina, who was described by all who knew her as a quiet and pleasant woman?

No one saw
MORE than a dozen people were near the scene of the shooting which claimed the life of nine-year-old Cyon Paul, in La Romaine on August 19, but police are still waiting for witnesses to come to them with information.

Freddie Kissoon dies at home
Playwright and former Newsday columnist Freddie Kissoon, 86, has died. Kissoon was found dead at his home in Diamond Vale yesterday morning.

NCIC head lauds Daaga
The president of the National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC), Dr Deokinanan Sharma heaped praises on the late Makandal Daaga who was respected and regarded as the Chief Servant. "Daaga may not have succeeded fully in the manner he envisioned but he came at a time when equal opportunities for Indians and Africans were mere dreams.

Robinson-Regis calls Orisha to guide errant youths
Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson- Regis yesterday urged followers of the Orisa faith to use their influence to correct those who they see are going astray.

Woodland vendors plead hardship
Crab and oyster venders in Woodland who have been struggling to survive since oil seeped into the mangrove more than a month ago also want monetary assistance from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

La Brea fishermen demand investigation results

Capital losing the battle against street-dwelling
T&T has a major problem with homelessness and all it takes is a casual walk through the streets of Port-of-Spain to see the extent of the problem. It is virtually impossible to walk along a block without encountering one of the estimated 300 pavement dwellers in the city.

Imam slams Dillon for 'political' crime walkabout
Enterprise Imam Morland Muakyil Abdullah yesterday slammed Friday's walkabout by the Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon saying that he strongly believes that it was political and not a genuine attempt to assist the community and bring relief with regards to crime and criminal...

1,000 more cops to fight crime

Seales happy with move
With members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) complaining of being overworked, the absorption of special reserve police (SRP) officers could potentially be an immense relief for the organisation as it could bolster its manpower by 2,000 officers

More CCTV needed for safer Chaguanas

Work slows after 4 workers suspended on fraud charges
CITIZENS who live in areas that fall under the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation may have to wait a little while longer for their box drains and other works to be completed.

Life changing potential of organ donations
If there's a small upside to the runaway violence in Trinidad and Tobago in which murders have topped 300 in only 242 days this year, (read latest murder/suicide on page 5) it is that one such fatal shooting ended up saving two other lives.

Strange text messages from murdered bank supervisor
DEATH may have been lurking for bank supervisor Apphia Jenelle Quamina, 30, who days before she was killed at midnight on Friday by a man who slit her throat, was planning to confide to her mother and sister about her biggest fears.

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