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Celebrating the Legacy of the late Panalal Mahadeo
Posted: Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Eulogy Delivered at the Funeral Service of the late Managing Director of Central Concrete and Pumps Ltd (CCPL) held on Tuesday 2 December 2014 at Derrick Road

By Stephen Kangal - (Long- time Friend)
Posted: December 047, 2014

Punditji, Members of the Bereaved Family, Sisters and Brothers

We must make this morning a celebration of the life, legacy and times bequeathed to us by the late Panalal Mahadeo also known to us so fondly as Harp and Carl. This is not a period to mourn- but one in which to be satisfied that Harp lived a good, caring and exemplary life that we applaud.

Thanks to Laila and Faisal for the opportunity given to me to say my last farewell to my dear friend, brother and mentor. Harp lived a full and fulfilling life that touched and embellished the lives of all those who were privileged to meet and greet him. Condolences to his wife Laila and his son Faisal, his children who came from England and New York to pay tribute to him on the sad passing away of husband and father.

Harp was my close, caring and devoted friend for many years. I cherished his friendship a lot. We would speak and meet very often without any decrease in his warmth even though his business expansion here at Central Concrete made huge demands on his time and that of his family.

He incarnated in his engaging personality the soothing music of the harp and the harmonic notes of the pan as in Panalal.

His personality radiated the divine music and harmony of the spheres. The vibrations of this harmony and peace he transmitted to all those who met him. He was always willing to help all, especially aspiring business-men.

The cutting edge of his unique business acumen and sixth business sense was reinforced and complemented by the family foundation and involvement in his business ideas. He applied this well-known formula in achieving the huge success of Central Concrete and Pumps here in Derrick Road. Both his wife Laila and son Faisal understudied him in the expansion of this business enterprise. Today Harp has passed on to them and they have preserved the institutional memory of the monetization of his business acumen and his demonstrated skill for survival in a very competitive small business operating environment. They will continue to develop, embellish and grow his unique and outstanding legacy and his business acumen.

Harp was a true expression of the approach, insight, and vision of the success factors adopted by the typical small Indian business enterprise.. Family inclusion, hard-work, long hours, trial and error, blessings of his pitris, a mission, a clear Vision and perseverance were the vital building blocks that underpinned his small but strong business outfit.

Harp, Laila and I socialized both here in Trinidad as well as in London where his other family lived. We had very good sobering times together. I will miss his sense of humour, his simplicity and his own home-spun philosophies of life.

Had Harp not believed in the fundamental value of effective succession planning in his business our burden, our sorrow and bereavement would have been greater and unbearable. He has removed the uncertainties and bequeathed a situation of his family involvement in the business that we can be proud of and use as an example in our own lives to achieve sustainability.

Often Harp would relate to me his satisfaction at his son Faisal plunging himself headlong into the managing of his expanding business. He was well pleased with Faisal's performance.

We must today thank Faisal for slowly reducing the burden of running this business on his late Father and managing it so well that Harp had relinquished total control to him allowing his father to relax and enjoy his last days. Thank you Faisal for stepping up to the plate and building on the trust and confidence reposed on you by your dear and caring father and acquitting yourself so admirably in your first foray into the world of business and finance.

We are therefore assured that Central Concrete and Pumps Ltd is now in very capable hands. The business legacy developed by Harp can withstand all the vagaries and indeed the challenges of the competitive business enterprise today. The reduction and plummeting in the price of crude oil is one such major current challenge but this Company has been endowed and engineered with the resourcefulness and resilience to surmount and confront with great success.

Thank you Harp, Laila and Faisal for combining so effectively as a close family team to steer this business to a point where it can take off, prosper and provide employment for the people of Derrick Road and the environs.

This community of Derrick Road and environs will miss the healing power of his karmic vibrations that radiated in all corners of this rustic village.

My brother Harp, may your soul rest in peace. When you attain nirvana and join the world of souls there will be a welcoming party of angels playing the Harp and the Pan to herald your arrival in heaven. May the Lord Bless you and keep you at His side! It is there that you belong.

Good bye my brother and friend. Thank you for your life and legacy. We are richer for it but poorer with your sad demise. But God knows best.

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