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US Issues Virus Travel Alert
Posted: Monday, June 16, 2014

US Issues Virus Travel Alert
More Chikungunya cases detected in region

Carpha director: Region can manage disease

Top cop: PM does not instruct police
Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has said "the Prime Minister doesn't give the Police Service instructions".

URP contractors to sue over unpaid $111 million
Contractors in the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) are threatening legal action over $111 million they claim is owed to them.

PS transferred to PMOs office
Two weeks after trip to Argentina...

$$ still missing from Sport Ministry

Still grieving for her baby boy, Quelly Ann Cottle feels pain all over again, not because of his death but because of a health system that she said is unfair and makes her feel like a victim.

Punish the doctor
Baby Simeon's mom:

CCJ head: Length of pretrial detention a human-rights issue

DPP questions cops role as court prosecutors
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard has questioned whether police should be allowed to continue to perform as court prosecutors.

Eric Williams Memorial lecturer: New thinking needed to solve region's problems

Plea bargaining: what works in the US may not work here
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan's proposal to introduce the US plea-bargaining concept to improve the criminal justice system locally was questioned on Saturday by Director of Public Prosecutor Roger Gaspard

Businessmen's take: Parking problems paralysing PoS

Carmona: Society needs better fathers
In his message on the occasion of Father's Day, which was observed yesterday President Anthony Carmona has said that society needs caring, respectful and responsible fathers.

Children without fathers fall into crime
Finding ways and means to help fathers meet their responsibilities to their families and communities is a challenge that faces the nation as more female-headed single-parent households increase

Hotline soon for men in crisis

Two-day UK/Caribbean meeting in London: focus on partnership, security

'Police killings not the solution to crime'
POLITICAL leader of the Movement for Social Justice David Abdulah said Saturday the solution to crime does not lie in extra judicial killings or police killings but rather in proper police work

'T&T missing the real story on Syria'
Syrian Honorary Consul Marwan Youseph believes Trinidad and Tobago is not getting the real story behind the Syrian civil war currently ravaging the Arab state.

Keith is not racist
Rowley's 'dougla sister':

The cars are the stars
THE year 1934 would be the beginning of years of strike action and riots by the working class of Trinidad, which saw the rise of union leaders and labour parties...

Sando Alderman urges pupils to choose right path
SAN FERNANDO City Corporation Alderman Kevin Ratiram said on Friday that some people being killed by police were teenagers who should have been in school instead of gangs.

'Illegal strip search at school'
Staff members file complaint

36 foreign women arrested
THE magistrates' Courts in San Fernando will be kept busy today following a massive weekend anti-crime exercise in the police Southern Division.

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