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Posted: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mom: Police shot two minors, took up their bodies like dogs and drop it in the van and drive off

Differing reports from relatives, residents as cops kill cousins

Teen cousins shot dead by police

TWO TOP officials of the Ministry of Sport yesterday stated there is a plot to kill them in relation to issues surrounding the controversial Life Sport Programme

'Cop shot in gun battle'
Soldiers were up to last night combing Cameron Hill, Petit Valley searching for eight heavily-armed men who fired at police officers earlier yesterday injuring one.

Too much self-deception
Don't only blame mothers and fathers

Griffith: It's war, police must protect themselves
There is a war against crime in this country and the police must use force to protect themselves and innocent citizens, says National Security Minister Gary Griffith.

Creed on more leave
REYNOLD COOPER, Head of the Public Service, was yesterday informed by Ministry of Sport's Permanent Secretary Ashwin Creed, that the latter is taking additional vacation leave.

AG: Ex-UTT directors to face courts
... $12 million lawsuit which was filed as a result of their decision to lease a $50,000-a-month residential resort complex in Aripo at which Juliana Pena was allowed to live.

Vindication of the AG

AG chalks up another win in court
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) clearing him of any wrongdoing in the Dhansam Dhansook debacle is the first in a series of many more vindications to come for him and the Government

Analysts: Pragmatic move by Jack
... to endorse Lyndira Oudit as Independent Liberal Party (ILP) political leader

JTUM to Govt and Opposition: Stay out Labour Day platform
The Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) has said it is not keen on having members of the Government or even the Opposition at this year's Labour Day celebrations in Fyzabad.

'Water taxis leaking $$'

Beach seaweed problem coming from far away
THE seaweed coming ashore on beaches along Trinidad's east coast and Tobago is the result of a natural phenomenon happening thousands of kilometres away in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Driver: Licks shared in maxi
Shawn Marcelline murder trial

Baby girl dies one week after South accident
A week after suffering severe head trauma in a car accident, five-month-old Jessica Mohammed died at hospital.

Don't use car seat as chair
Pathologist rules Matai Phillip's death 'tragic accident':

Defence: Vindra was first buried in 'unfinished outhouse'

Two men shot outside KFC PoS
Two men escaped death when they were shot at by persons in a burgundy-coloured Almera car on Sunday night.

Man found dead in cell
A 49-year-old Carapo man was found dead in one of the holding cells of the Arima Police Station yesterday morning and he died as a result of blunt force trauma injuries received ...

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