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$200,000 bail for baby Jaedon’s grandfather
Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

$200,000 bail for baby Jaedon's grandfather
The charge of manslaughter was read to the child's grandfather Winston Jerricho Cudjoe

Carapo Imam: 'A gun went missing in the police station. Twice. Officer send word to us to see if we find his gun...'

No meetings on prison litigation
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan says now that Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard has directed that a criminal probe begin into prison litigation matters, there is no need for him to have a stakeholder meeting on the issue.

500 from 5,675 to be chosen for property
... at Cashew Gardens, Chaguanas, Carlsen Field, Macaulay and Couva.

Revoke senator's appointment
Minister to Rowley:

Rowley: Felicity farmers paying political price
Rowley made the statement on Sunday in response to concerns raised by Felicity farmers that they are being prevented from entering the land where their crops are located.

Landfill smoke hinders drivers

Duke: 1,500 employees for voluntary testing
Finance Minister Larry Howai and Permanent Secretary Vishnu Dhanpaul have agreed to do a walk through at some of Government's "sick buildings"to determine the extent of the damage.

Oil spill victims march again
RESIDENTS affected by the oil spill that came ashore in La Brea last December took to the streets in protest again yesterday, claiming their health was suffering while the authorities were avoiding responsibility.

...Petrotrin: $27m in compensation already paid

Greenpeace activist warns about oil spill disaster

T&T needs ways to treat child issues
UNICEF rep: You get upset, vocal, then matter dies...

Newborn dies in bed: autopsy inconclusive
A 17-day-old baby who died on Sunday suffered multiple organ failure, an autopsy found yesterday.

Abductors used Vindra's phone to organise ransom

'Good Samaritan' slain
... took wounded neighbour to police station

Abducted man found dead in Princes Town house
A 63-YEAR-OLD Moruga '”PH"driver, who was carjacked on Friday, was discovered dead, arms and legs bound, in a house in Princes Town yesterday.

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