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Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Imam held in Venezuela pleads for help from T&T Government:

Detained Imam begs for more help from T&T

Pure Hatred
Pastor Kitty's family tells of violent history...

Family left confused
'...torn apart by actions of 1 man'

Cops probe why 'Kitty' still had gun licence

Bharath on ministers' conduct: PP Govt still stable
Trade Investments and Communication Minister Vasant Bharath says there is no instability in the People Partnership Government.

Integrity commissioner Seunarine Jokhoo resigns
Unable to continue as a Member of the Integrity Commission because of urgent family commitments

Tourism group to Hadeed: Revive stalled projects
Tourism stakeholders have already despatched a welcome letter to new Tourism Minister Gerald Hadeed

18 booted out Govt so far
Eighteen people lost either their ministerial portfolio, their senatorial seat or both since the People's Partnership administration

Police getting ready to speak with Sharma
ST JOSEPH police may soon have a conversation with ex-tourism minister Chandresh Sharma in relation to the report of assault filed against him by ex-girlfriend Sacha Singh.

Panday: Poor leadership choices

Paula: PM made diplomat misstep
Japan denies its prime minister to visit

Jury told to ignore State's statements
Vindra Niapual Coolman Murder Trial

Fishermen blame Aboud for poor sales
Fishermen and fish vendors yesterday expressed distress over unusually low sales during one of their busiest seasons, Lent.

Parents calling for answers
30 children treated for illness in La Brea...

Dead fish washed ashore only in 'red zone'
Dead fishes have not washed ashore in areas south of La Brea or north of Otaheite.

'No fish advisory until test results'
THERE will no public advisory concerning the dead fish and other animals in the La Brea area unless tests results are obtained from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

Crackdown on illegal vending
Port-of-Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee yesterday announced a crackdown on illegal vending in the city.

'Men barefoot when electrocuted'
RICHARD Ramsundar and Joseph Gooliaram were not wearing shoes on Monday when they were electrocuted at a job site in San Juan.

Teenager gunned down in Laventille
The murder of a 16-year-old boy on Monday afternoon has officially pushed this country's murder toll to 112

British national held with cocaine
On Sunday afternoon, officers of the Orga­nised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau detained a 53-year-old British national

16 years jail for ganja in car
Tunapuna man passenger in front seat

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