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Rahaman sold shares to family
Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rahaman sold shares to family
On the morning of January 14, businessman Imtiaz Rahaman, chairman of Bourse Securities and the cousin of former First Citizens executive Philip Rahaman purchased 377,000 shares of the State banking group.

Howai to get final FCB audit Wednesday

Howai: Changes to Phoenix Park IPO
The investigation into the First Citizens'initial public offering (IPO) has forced Government to rethink the process on the upcoming IPO of National Gas Company's 39 percent shareholding in Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL)

GML profits jump by 26%
Guardian Media Ltd (GML) recorded after-tax profit of $44.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2013

Rambaran: regulations coming for credit unions
Credit unions have collectively amassed an asset base of over TT$9.5 billion or three percent of the assets of the total financial system assets

Police probing Chandresh for assault of ex-girlfriend
Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma is under investigation by the police for the assault of his former girlfriend.

Police probing Chandresh

A MEMBER of the Trinidad and Tobago Under-19 cricket team yesterday became the country's latest road fatality victim.

Nacta: Poorer people back Glen
...middle class supports his dismissal

E-mailgate led Young to Rowley
...temporary PNM senator now applies to join party

Pres celebrates Spiritual Baptist day
President Carmona extended his best wishes to the entire Spiritual Shouter Baptist community, and praised the "spirited tenacity" of the Spiritual Baptists in their struggle against persecution and injustice.

Carmona: Shouter Baptists' struggle one of tenacity

Spiritual Shouter Baptists want secondary school
Episkopus Archbishop Barbara Burke says Spiritual Shouter Baptists are in dire need of a secondary school.

Spiritual Baptists to open ECCE Centre today

14 Muslim women, children return from Venezuela
Eight men still in Caracas facing tribunal

Blanchisseuse youths cry out
...for parents to be trained, literacy programmes, sporting facilities

Youth activist: Teenage boys in massive crisis
Teenage boys in this country are in "massive crisis," actor Hal Greaves contends.

Call for 'Togetherness' between church and politics
Ernest Roy Mitchell, principal consultant at Executive Relationship Marketing Limited, says it is time to challenge the myth the church should be separated from politics.

More dead fish sicken La Brea residents

Statements copied to win settlements
High Court master calls for probe into compensation claims

Mistaken identity: man shot dead
It was around 11 p.m. that Keston Diaz, 28, was shot a total of six times about the body while in the company of his wife, at Le Platte Village.

Ministry warns against stolen prescription drugs
The Ministry of Health is calling on members of the public who may have information on thousands of stolen prescription drugs to contact the nearest police station.

Alert cops: Just everyday work
Carrera Island inmate recaptured after 9 months on the run

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