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Speech at Zaheer's and Karima's Wedding
Posted: Friday, December 27, 2013

Zaheer and Karima
Zaheer and Karima

By Stephen Kangal
December 27, 2013

Mr. Master of Ceremonies

Bride and Groom

The Honourable Rudranath Indarsingh M.P. Minister in the Ministry of Finance

Sheik Munaff- Imam of the Caroni Mosque

Parents of the Bride and Groom

Ladies and Gentlemen

Sisters and Brothers

I wish to thank the Master of Ceremonies for the opportunity to say a few words on this very happy and auspicious occasion of the matrimony between Karima and Zaheer ebing held today at Phipps Street, Caroni.

We all waited very eagerly to witness the matrimonial climax of this day.

We are pleased and indeed thankful by what has been delivered today by the Rahim family designed for our entertainment and comfort and to make this occasion a nuptial success.

It is both an honour and pleasure to speak. We have seen in the period of courting the future bride and groom already working in harmony, togetherness, unison and putting their shoulders to the wheel of life.

I suggest that based on what I have seen hitherto, that this is a marriage that was ordained sanctioned, blessed and fixed in heaven. It is being consecrated and legalised today December 22 on earth in Caroni.

Destiny incarnated Karima and Zaheer for each other because of their compatibility.

Zaheer is a quiet, unassuming, practical idealist-perfectionist. He is a role model to all young men. I have daily witnessed the very highs standards he achieves in whatever he undertakes even as a young man. He will make a perfect husband to Karima.

He is very lucky to have a supporting father and grand-parents who provided the facilitating and enabling environment, culture, ecology and habitat to ensure the full flowering of his innate gifts, skills and sterling personal attributes.

Zaheer could not have done it all by himself even though he worked day and night to prepare this wedding.

I daily saw Zaheer planning and executing his plans for this wedding. I live next door.

He has an eye and mind for addressing every meticulous and relevant detail to ensure the comfort of us all although space was at a premium. That is the type of caring person that Zaheer is.

He has had a supporting home and loving grand-parents. His late Grand-father will always speak to me about all his grand-sons and how he was proud of their driving ambitions to be better persons.

Thank you the uncles and aunts, cousins and friends who supported Zaheer to make this a perfect day for the bride and groom and for all of us.

Sisters and brothers one of my greatest delight today in T&T is to witness how young couples go all out to produce extraordinary weddings that are creatively special; that showcase and reflect their values and personalities; that make their weddings memorable and unique.

I think that Zaheer assisted by his family and relatives has done very well. I personally will long remember and cherish this wedding.

Let me wish the bride and groom every blessing, good luck and happiness as they set out on the journey of life together.

And that they will achieve their destiny; that fate will guide and protect them.

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