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Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

... greeted security guard Dwayne Lewis as he arrived at the Arima Magistrates' Court yesterday to face a magistrate almost a week since he had been charged

You don't deserve to live
Public threats for Keyana accused…

Magistrate commits Keyana murder accused to mental hospital for evaluation

No bail for man accused of raping 3 stepdaughters
A Gran Couva man charged with raping his three stepdaughters will spend Christmas and New Year's Day in prison after being denied bail yesterday

No bail for labourer on 3 rape charges

Charged with rape of 3 girls: man denied bail

Boy, 12, chopped
A MAN, whose five-year-old daughter was allegedly slapped by a 12-year-old boy, decided to take the law into his own hands on Sunday

Little space gives magistrates no choice
Mahabir-Wyatt laments sending of children to 'big prison'...

Gordon: Integrity Commission not looking for friends

PNM campaign starts January 6
Penny may not be Rowley's only challenger

'Licks' for Sankat over UWI art centre

CAL's close call
Fired chief financial officer claims airline hurriedly secured $320m loan to avert seizure of 11 aircraft

IMF: Bajan wage bill highest in region
... government may need to lay off as many as 3,000 civil service workers.

TTUTA upset at ECCE salaries
Teachers living on $2,600 a month

T&T's Geoffrey Henderson sworn in to ICC

Meeting tomorrow on oil spill in Gulf
Problem of 'iron graveyard' also on agenda

Rough seas danger
FISHERMEN and lifeguards report no damage to the beaches, facilities or boats despite the rough seas over the past few days

T&T, Barbados shaken by tremor
Barbados was shaken twice within a 24-hour period by earthquakes that also affected Trinidad and Tobago

Warning: Stay away from scratch bombs
TEACHERS and parents in Tobago have been asked to educate children about the dangers surrounding the use of scratch bombs, firecrackers and bursting of bamboo for fun activities

Interpol needs help tracking fugitives in the Caribbean

It's not our responsibility
CoP Williams on importation of illegal guns:

Fatal 'Pear D' bottle found in warehouse

Probing corrupt police our job
PCA responds to Griffith plan:

$5,000/3 months for drunken driving
A MAN who was almost 100 microgrammes over the legal alcohol limit when he was arrested at an accident site was yesterday ordered by the court to pay a $5,000 fine immediately.

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