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27,000 new jobs created
Posted: Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sir Ellis' condition unchanged
Former President Sir Ellis Clarke's condition remains unchanged at the Westshore Medical Centre in Cocorite.

Nicholas defies Cabinet on aircraft deal upset Warner remains mum

Kamla, airline board to discuss firing of CEO
PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday she will be meeting with the Caribbean Airlines Board and will seek advice from the Attorney General before making a statement on the dispute between Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner and new CAL chairman, businessman George Nicholas.

Two Govt $6B projects to bring 27,000 jobs
Critically aware of the need to revive this country's stagnant economy, the People's Partnership Government yesterday launched two ambitious infrastructural projects, expected to generate some 27,000 new jobs for nationals over the next four years.

...27,000 new jobs created
Twenty-seven thousand new jobs are set to stimulate the economy with the construction of two major projects being undertaken by the Ministry of Works.

...NIDCO boss: Big boost for economy
Highway, reservoir projects to generate 27,000 jobs

Close shave for family as house tumbles

Mayor wants a safe, clean PoS
Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing has promised business owners, commuters and operators within the capital that all efforts are being made to "ensure Port-of-Spain is a safe, clean and healthy environment".

Vision needed for PoS mission

Govt workers linked in $50m land scam
Prominent people, among them several businessmen, have been fleeced of some $50 million in a major land scam—in some cases involving properties belonging to dead people.

Major changes as Spy Bill passed
Major changes to the controversial Interception of Communications Bill 2010 have been accepted by both Government and Opposition members.

Manning's speech a disgrace
After close to six months of political hibernation, Patrick Manning emerged from his political prison to deliver a self-styled "maiden address" to the new post-PNM parliament.

Give us a break
I prefer to leave undemocratic contemplations to after the sun goes down, but these days I find my early mornings given to unkind thoughts for the voters of San Fernando East.

Separating fact from fiction
In the past six months, many political know-it-alls claimed former prime minister, Patrick Manning's silence was part of a master plan. After all, what was becoming an uncomfortable silence from the San Fernando East MP must have been because he fancied himself a comeback kid that would reclaim the leadership of Patrick's National Movement.

Hate message; embrace messenger
Trinidad and Tobago may harbour a racist or two, but I don't know any of them, at least not by public profile, recognisable from what they say or write or do.

Martin Daly: 'Misa Cubana'

US$10,000 for info on 'snitch'
COMMISSIONER of Police Dwayne Gibbs yesterday described allegations that a Beetham gang has offered a $US10,000 reward for information regarding a recent police raid which yielded a deadly rifle used by the United States army, as a very frightening scenario.

Fake police gear discovered in cemetery

...Pistol, ammunition, fake police clothing found in grave
Buried in a shallow grave near a public cemetery, a black plastic bag containing fake police clothing, a pistol and ammunition was recovered yesterday.

Wasting court's time
There should be a system in place whereby officers in charge of police stations are required to ensure that other officers under them, who are complainants in matters before the courts, attend relevant court hearings.

Woman held with $1m in drugs at airport
A 24-year-old female telephone operator will appear before a Scarborough Magistrates' Court tomorrow after being held at Crown Point International Airport with close to $1 million worth of cocaine....

Shot duo in hospital
TWO men are still fighting for their lives at the Port of Spain General Hospital after they were shot in separate incidents yesterday in Diego Martin and Belmont.

Criminals go on robbery spree in the East
A series of robberies throughout northen Trinidad on Friday night which left one person seriously wounded, has engaged the attention of Northern Division investigators.

Bandits steal cash, KFC from delivery men

Residents: We'll deal with killers
In the wake of the murders of three men mere days apart in Petit Valley just over one week ago, residents in the area yesterday said the killings are far from over.

CoP awaiting report on rogue officers

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