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Acting PM Errol McLeod's Republic Day Message
Posted: Friday, September 24, 2010

Message to the Nation on the Occasion of Republic Day 2010

Fellow citizens, on behalf of my Government, I extend to you warm greetings on Republic Day.

Thirty–four years ago, in 1976, our Nation consolidated its sovereignty by becoming a Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. As a Republic we are now in full control of the developmental direction of our Nation. Our successes or failures rest squarely on our shoulders. However, our choice to clothe ourselves with the mantle of self–determination must be congratulated and we can now bask in the knowledge that while we are a small nation state; we have made tremendous progress, often overcoming challenges with courage and dignity.

Today, we look with renewed hope to the future. This year, the Government adopted a new policy for sustainable development that centers around seven pillars – people–centred development; poverty eradication and social justice; national and personal security; information and communication technology; a more diversified, knowledge–intensive economy; good governance and an astute foreign policy. It is our intention that this new governmental thrust will bring increased prosperity, security and peace to our Nation.

Already we have addressed issues relating to the vulnerability of our senior citizens, the education of our young people, the health of our children and the needs of our workers. We are embracing the ideals of transparency, accountability, consultation and leadership in our governance style and we will continue to put you, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, at the centre of our national plans and policies.

There is much that we can celebrate on this Republic Day – a strong democracy, cultural diversity, religious harmony and economic improvement. But there is also much work to be done to accomplish the prosperity we all desire for our blessed nation. Productivity, commitment and professionalism must dominate our work ethic; compassion, integrity and adherence to the rule of law must underscore our personal lives and at all times we must demonstrate loyalty to our Nation, Trinidad and Tobago.

The success and development of Trinidad and Tobago depends on our ability to work together, drawing on our collective experiences and expertise. Today, let us put Trinidad and Tobago first as we stand united for a common destiny of peace, prosperity and security.

I wish you a Happy Republic Day. May God Bless You and May God Bless our Nation.

The Honourable Errol McLeod

Acting Prime Minister

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