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NAPA Fest culminates with Calypso Show
Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAPA FEST, a production of the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism will come to a grand finale this weekend - July 17th and 18, 2010 with a Calypso Show to celebrate our Calypso Monarchs in a production entitled: "Through the eyes of Calypso 1930-1980".

The Show is expected to be filled with pump and flare as the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism brings down the curtains on what has been dubbed "A Worthwhile Endeavour", that generated great public interest thanks to an array of outstanding performances by local entertainers. This proved that the talent of acting, singing, dancing and musical performances are not just something possessed internationally but also extends to Trinidad and Tobago with our very diverse culture.

The outstanding themes of NAPA Fest, namely, "Musical Festival Highlights", "Genesis in Steel", "Pop Meets Steel", "Nache", "El Cerro Del Aripo", "Tobago Heritage Highlights" as well as the "Prime Minister's Best Village Highlights", offered the public the opportunity to witness the true talent of the young and old.

The mix of the national instrument the steel pan at two of the NAPA Fest shows, proved to be a cool relaxing mix of music that skilled performers played with avidness. The performances were further perfected by the joy and energy of the performers as they played reverently and danced to the music. At "Pop meets Steel", the players were able to perfect some very popular songs with the steel pan giving an interesting twist to songs like "Killing Me Softly" and "Ordinary People" as well as providing a spectacular rendition "Human Nature" and "Rock With You" Ken "Professor" Philmore made an appearance and gave an outstanding display of musical talent, leaving the audience amazed with his effortless, skillful and energetic pan playing. They were understandably disappointed as he left the stage after such a skillful performance, leaving them cheering louder than ever.

NAPA Fest also featured electrifying singing and dancing presentations that brought the heart of our culture to the fore with fabulous presentations depicting the true beauty of our East Indian heritage. There was also vibrant and exhilarating African drumming and dancing that portrayed the dramatic nature of the African people. But the most entertaining of all was the mix of both the Indian instrumentals and the African drumming that produced the most beautiful music that left the audience impressed with the performance of the whole group.

NAPA Fest has truly been an entertaining, fulfilling event which provided a forum to develop, nurture, encourage and cultivate young talent as well as ensure that the culture of Trinidad and Tobago lives on. Indeed, culture, in fact Multiculturalism has found a home at NAPA.

For further information you can contact Napa Box Office at 798-3469 or 625-6962 The Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism Office.

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