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Devastating Eviction: Books Lost, Help Needed
Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Prime Minister Kamla P. Bisseasar,

Congrats to you on your position; you really deserve it. For a woman who has served our country bravely and proudly, thanks to you. My name is Alicia Joanne Nelson, I am writing this letter to remind you about a situation that had devastated our entire family on November of last year. My dad, Carl Nelson had already written to you last year stating that his home was demolished and his furniture and all his belongings were put outside and were damaged as a result of rain and other related bad weather.

I am a student of the University of the West Indies and as of last year November, my sisters Amanda Nelson and Alana Nelson have lost books that we used in school, including myself. This situation was so devastating and depressing to us that we lost a lot... almost everything. I am writing not to ask much but I am kindly asking that something be done for the loss of school books and even a laptop.

These are the following books that were loss by my sister Amanda Nelson:

1. Social Studies for CXC
2. Chemistry for CXC
3. Physical Education
4. English Comprehensive Book 1
5. English Comprehensive Book 3
6. English Comprehensive Book 4&5 (this book is used in Form 4 & 5)
7. Integrated Science Book 1
8. Human & Social Biology Book 4&5

These are some of the book that I have lost as well. These include:

1. Math 1140
2. Math 1150 past paper handouts
3. Law and Governance text
4. Pure Mathematics for CAPE-Unit 1
5. Pure Mathematics for CAPE-Unit 2
6. Additional Mathematics Text
7. Viva Text book 4&5
8. Viva text book 3

Alana is another sister of mine who attends Primary School and these are some of the books that she lost. These are the books as follow:

1. Republic Reader book 3
2. Republic Reader A
3. Republic Reader B
4. Republic Reader V.C
5. Let's learn Mathematics
6. Let's learn Science

The reason why am I writing is simply to ask what can be done about this situation since nothing has been done. These house demolishers just came and demolished our house, left our furniture outdoors including books that we used in school and did nothing. I am simply and kindly pleading that something be done on the matter.

Thanks in advance for your sincere consideration and I do hope to hear from you soon. Please free to contact me at:

Yours sincerely,
Alicia Nelson,

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