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Warner FIFA's Connections Beneficial to T&T
Posted: Monday, June 7, 2010

By Stephen Kangal
June 07, 2010

Do not mess with this sophisticated and unsuspecting T&T electorate. They will quickly appreciate that Opposition Leader Keith Rowley is using as a cheap political strategy the stirring up of trivialities on Mr. Warner's FIFA connections geared exclusively to kick-start and feather his own dwindling, discredited and deteriorating political nest. His next volley against super-Mom Kamla's PP Government will be a racism charge.

Mr. Warner was the quintessential and omni-present nemesis of the PNM. He out-strategised them in May 24 melt-down. He is now fair game for them. Mr. Rowley is deliberately blind to the practical and effective promotion of T&T's national interest through the invaluable and powerful links that Mr Warner has cultivated among kings, prime ministers and statesmen. He is the most popular MP after our Super-Mom.

All Prime Ministers will relish having the degree of leverage that Mr. Warner exercises internationally. His international standing will redound to the national welfare of T&T and strengthen the Partnership Government. Mr Warner individually can diplomatically deliver far more than the two $1.5bn Summits at no cost to T&T.

There is no conflict of interest detrimental to T&T in the holding of his FIFA position — only the many varied bilateral opportunities that will be open to him for complementing the achievement of T&T's foreign policy objectives in a range of national imperatives. The world is now Mr. Warner's oyster.

Mr. Warner has already spoken of accessing his international links and enormous goodwill to solve, inter alia, the traffic congestion and flooding problems. He has transformed football into an industry, a sport, a crime-reducing strategy and a lucrative conduit for our highly paid professional players to earn fortunes in UK and USA.

Prime Ministers will relish the gift of having a Minister of the international caliber of Mr. Warner in their Cabinet. He will do justice to the tax-payers and right to all manner of people of this country. We have to act outside of the parochial box to fast track the solution of our challenges.

Please Mr. Rowley you are not in the same Premiership League as Mr. Warner. Mr. Manning realized that early o'clock.

Your are off-side.

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