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How Low Can You Go Mr. Panday?
Posted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

By Stephen Kangal
February 04, 2010

In 2005 when Mr. Winston Dookeran was elected unopposed as leader of the UNC Mr. Panday used as the facade for discrediting, marginalizing and hounding him out of the UNC with the support of the same cabal, the excuse that the former had not met nor fulfilled the conditionalities for leadership. He cannot lead, Mr. Panday alleged.

In 2010, Kamla after exceeding all the requisite credentials for leadership of the UNC, gaining all the political criteria necessary and ushering a humiliating meltdown of Panday and his cabal, the latter is still resisting doing the honourable thing. Kamla will sell away his UNC to the COP.

Displaying an embarrassing and imbecile puerility Panday will not speak to Kamla and is observing party disobedience and lack of civility. He transforms succession to the Leadership of the Opposition which is essentially a political issue into a convenient constitutional one. He reduces a leadership succession issue into a grab for the second physical seat on the Opposition benches much to the humiliation of us all.

How low can you descend babaji- maha-guruji? Remember the conduct expected of your Brahmin caste. Your chelas virtually worshipped you and supported you to the max. I can still picture you immersing yourself and exulting in their unbridled display of loyalty, adulation and genuflection in what the local Bhojpuri calls "goarlagay".

These chelas were the wind beneath your wings as you soared as an avatar - as Hanuman in the political firmament. What is the legacy - the quid pro quo that you will leave to them for such deification and canonization now that your extended political bubble has all but burst?

Mr. Panday and his cabal are determined to create disunity in the ranks of the Parliamentary Opposition geared to undermine the prospects for Kamla to initiate a mass mobilization of the people. It is either Panday as leader or else he will mash up the party. Like he said in Debe the UNC is his Sita. It is his baby to which he singularly gave birth. That baby will remain a baby in need of Panday's parenting and exclusive protection for life. There will be neither progressive organizational growth, behaviour nor development of the UNC.

Brace for Panday forming his own party soon. He will install/confirm himself as Leader of the Opposition until 2012 with the support of his pathetic and dwindling group of ethically-challenged maha-chelas in the House.

Panday go mash up the country if he cannot have his way.

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