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Panday's Provoking the Population
Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2010

By Stephen Kangal
January 28, 2010

The stubborn and ego-driven recalcitrance of the Leader of the Opposition, Basdeo Panday [failed] to do the honourable thing for the third time in the face of the total and overwhelming humiliation and demolition job that was inflicted on him on Sunday [and this] is of great concern to the entire population and not exclusively of the membership of the UNC. This is the fork-tongued Panday who said that he would go when the members no longer wanted him.

Not only did Kamla pulverize him ten to one but Roodal Moonilal got almost three times more votes than Panday. Even local Councillor Shama Deonarine got more votes than Panday.

What other civilized electoral means must the people use to tell Panday that it is time to get off their backs and ride into political oblivion? What manner of UNC MP's in the face of the overwhelming verdict of their respective constituents will still support this power-hungry and addictive megalomaniac for the post of Leader of the Opposition? Surely there must be some other legitimate means to restore justice and integrity in the Parliament of T&T. These MP's must be made to pay the ultimate electoral price for promoting division in the ranks of the Opposition when the population is calling for a united front. Their offices must be picketed by the people to show their resentment to this conduct.

Panday's intransigence and maverick behaviour is taking us back to indentureship when we could not rid ourselves of our tormentors and massas. He is provoking the people by orchestrating division in the ranks of the Opposition favourable to Manning's longevity agenda when the UNC is on a high state of post-elections euphoria and unity is a real possibility. I have always known that unity must be under the leadership of Panday and no one else.

That is a road-map for breeding the adoption of unconventional means of removing him, God forbid.

How can this mortally wounded and ageing lion not see that a young lioness has now taken over control of the pasture; that he has more bark than bite; that he can no longer deliver the spunk?

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