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Peta 'Bear' Dogs Charles and Camilla in Trinidad and Tobago
Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2008

Group Wants End to Killing of Black Bears for Palace Guards' Hats

Norfolk, Virginia - A PETA member dressed in a bear costume and holding a sign reading, "Bear Hugs, Not Bear Hats", will confront Charles, The Prince of Wales, and his wife, Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, as they visit Tobago's St. Patrick's Church during their yacht tour of the Caribbean. Why is PETA's "bear" dogging the British royals? Because the group wants Charles to use his influence to pressure the British government to switch to faux fur for the Buckingham Palace Guards' hats. Other PETA members will hold signs that read, "God Save the Bears", and hand out leaflets to the crowds:

Date: Thursday, 6 March
Time: 10 a.m.
Place: St Patrick's Anglican Church, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago

It can take one bear's entire hide to make just one guard's head piece. The skins come from Canadian black bears who are often shot several times before they die. Some escape the hunters and bleed to death. When mother bears are killed, orphaned cubs are left behind to starve.

"We love pomp and circumstance as much as anyone, but not when the ceremony causes baby bears to be orphaned when their mothers are shot right in front of them for hats", says British-born PETA President Ingrid E Newkirk. "No tradition on Earth can justify cruelty."

PETA Europe has presented the British Ministry of Defence with several alternatives made from the finest faux furs available but has been met with one weak excuse after another. PETA and PETA Europe continue to pursue the royals, following Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to their engagements at home and abroad.

PETA's "bear" has also dogged Charles and Camilla at their other stops in Trinidad and Tobago and will continue to follow them on their tour through St. Lucia , Montserrat and Jamaica.

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