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Foul-mouthed Ganga Singh
Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dear Editor,

The election race is on and understandably some politicians will get carried away with the moment. What is not understandable or acceptable is the verbal abuse of citizens as demonstrated by the Congress of the People's Ganga Singh.

I know some of the women in the leadership of the COP and therefore know that, by now, they would all have individually and/or collectively reprimanded Mr. Singh for his despicable behaviour on the platform some nights ago as he sought to assert his masculinity and his political brawn by denigrating Minister Camille Robinson Regis.

A public admonition of Mr. Singh is still necessary for two reasons. This is not the first time that Mr. Singh has made insensitive and disrespectful utterances about citizens of this country. He seems bent on distinguishing himself as a foul-mouthed politician needing a leash. Mr. Singh and any other politician that demonstrates intolerance and disregard for citizens and our combined intelligence should be stopped. Secondly, Mr. Singh has not for the first time publicly displayed a disrespect for women which is frightening when one considers that Mr. Singh is a legislator and has to make decisions for all citizens.

It is wonderful to have freedom of speech, but we all know that this must be tempered with tolerance, respect and justice. I therefore serve notice on Mr. Singh and all politicians, to desist from using women's mis-fortunes as platform fodder. As for Mr. Ganga, I will only say, not at all Mr. Ganga, we not moving on with that.

Folade Mutota

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