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Electorate Must Make the Pre-Emptive Strike
Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007

By Stephen Kangal
September 23, 2007

Saddled with a cadre of experienced but arrogant and incompetent MP's the Manning Administration has reduced T&T to a disaster zone characterised by widespread criminality and twenty seven per cent poverty in prosperity. Did PM Manning really need a poll after 6 years in Government to tell him what was patently clear to all of us?

Can he now absolve himself from blame for ineffective representation and lack lustre ministerial ineptitude by his disguised and detached propagandeering?

All the internationally recognised qualitative indices that measure the performance of and welfare within T&T have demonstrated decline in several areas of national life except annual growth rate of the GDP driven by the off-shore economy.

The impending removal of at least ten Senior PNM Ministers from the election race based on the contaminated results of a suspect poll is open and clear admission of total failure for which the PM Manning must take primary responsibility and do the honourable thing.

The nomination of PNM novices who have found favour with Mr. Manning is a prescription for continuing mismanagement and utter chaos. That is the road map that is being prepared to lead to the assumption of the Executive Presidency by Mr. Manning via the Ellis Clarke Draft Constitution. That is a dangerous development that must be pre-empted.

In the face of the abundance of financial resources now available the electorate must install a Government led by a visionary and enlightened leader who can deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest amount. Not the rich getting richer and the expanding numbers of poor poorer We need prudent policies, balanced development and enlightened fiscal management - not wild spending of the patrimony and plunder of the treasury without accountability and transparency.

The challenges that face 21st Century T&T are too demanding to be entrusted to the slate of novices and "yay-sayers" that will emerge from the PNM on nomination day. Now is the time to endorse issues-based, caring and enlightened politics based on and driven by legitimacy of leadership. We must go across ethnic fences to find the most suitable candidates to assume the reins of governance and break the ethnic polarisation yoke.

We are being taken for a ride by the mook and the crook in their mistaken belief that they can still capitalise on traditional tribal loyalties and divide the electoral spoils between themselves while we continue to languish with a legacy of inequality and poverty in prosperity. Perhaps we can try the Dook.

Mr. Manning based on his frequent blundering hitherto has the potential to cause T&T to descend into anarchy and chaos post the next election. Accordingly we must collectively make the necessary pre-emptive strike to stop the slide before it is too late and rescue the nation.

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