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The Politics of Spite and Impeachment
Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007

By Stephen Kangal
June 22, 2007

The complacency and detached interest shown by the population hitherto in the face of the spite and vendetta being perpetrated by PM Manning against CJ Sharma in hounding and humiliating the CJ out of office is the platform that can launch Executive President Manning into unbridled dictatorship. He must be stopped for his own sake and the integrity of Trinbago because political interference has contaminated the Judiciary and reduced confidence levels.

How could the High and Appeal Courts have not appreciated the legal logic identified by the Privy Council in upholding the appeal of the UNC MP's to be paid their salaries and allowances and give undue weight to a procedural technicality of the oath to deny these MP's of their constitutional entitlements?

It appears that His Excellency The President is now a willing accessory to this continuing grave injustice because His Excellency suspended the exercise of his discretionary judgment on two counts. The evidence is overwhelming that the principal witness/accuser has no credibility and secondly the Privy Council will not be able to adjudicate on this matter prior to the retirement of the CJ in January 2008 should the Tribunal find that the CJ has a case to answer.

So what is the reason for PM Manning instituting impeachment proceedings seven months before the CJ's retirement at enormous cost to the exchequer and suspending the CJ prematurely when the Tribunal's Secretariat is not yet in place? It is clear to the reasonable man that this case will fail because Chief Magistrate Mc Nicholls is a coward who refused to face the CJ during the criminal process. That however is immaterial because money is no problem again.

The only message one can glean from the current impeachment is that anyone who stands up to and challenges the constitutionalised dictator will face the full brunt of his venom, spite and the largesse of the treasury being used to finance and drive his pathological vendetta irrespective of how foolish it appears to us all.

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