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Wallerfield Farmers ready to rumble
Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2007

By Sookram Ali

The Battle for Wallerfield is on! On one side wearing Red we have HDC, E-Tech and the Ministry of Works and transport, on the opposing side wearing green we have the Wallerfield Farmers and Residences. These Government Agencies are saying that everyone in Wallerfield must go to make way for a new city with sixty thousand houses. The Wallerfield Farmers are demanding Inclusion in any plans or proposals for Wallerfield. Any Dislocation should result in mutually benefitual relocation in the area and adequate compensation.

In 2006 and early 2007, these three agencies held meetings at which Farmers and Residences were told of the Government's plans, but the concerns and questions of the Farmers and Residences remained unanswered. After several months, using all available methods of communication, these are the total meetings that representatives of the Farmers and Residences had. Meetings with:

{a} Member of Parliament = Zero
{b} Minister of Agriculture = Two
{c} Advisor to the Prime Minister = One
{d} Prime Minister = One

The only ray of hope, was at the first meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, he made a promise to give Wallerfield Farmers first preference to a 448 acres on the Aripo road and another parcel of land in Chin Chin. At the second meeting, the Minister not only took back these two offers but also took back his statement that he washed his hands of Wallerfield. All other meetings resulted in zero.

Wallerfield Farmers and residences are fully aware of the treatment of other communities in Trinidad and Tobago by these Government Agencies.

The Government's plans for Wallerfield has little or nothing to do with development or what is best for the country. It is simply speculating in Real Estate with projected returns in the billions to their associates and friends.

The authorities refuse to entertain any counter plans and proposals. One such proposal to make Arima the next city instead of Wallerfield, resulting in room for everyone, will be explained in details in a series of meetings.

Wallerfield Farmers and Residences give a resounding NO to any attempt at a Caroni relocation. Wallerfield Farmers and Residences demand Inclusion, Relocation and Compensation.

We are marshalling out troops and are ready to rumble, rest assured we have no intention of breaking any law, but reserve the right to explore every option available to ensure the survival of our community.

Sookram Ali is a spokesperson for Wallerfield Farmers

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