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Narace Pathetic Display of Spin
Posted: Saturday, December 2, 2006

By Stephen Kangal
Devember 02, 2006

The PNM's damage control machinery went into overdrive to mitigate the adverse political fall out arising from the instantly minted, state-sponsored "mixed communities" philosophy and policy as divulged at Waterloo High by PM Manning. In all my 66 years in T&T since the advent of the PNM in 1956 I have never heard nor read of the "mixed communities" policy. That is another ploy for creating a vote bank in Central. The nearest they came to this policy is their policy of ethno-nationalism that is based on a process of cultural assimilation and the sharing of rewards exclusively amongst its followers.

Why does the use of the word "douglarisation" evoke so much "sensationalism" and is so sensitive in the psyche of the PNM when the very Editor-In-Chief of the Guardian is a "dougla" and is responsible for the Sunday Guardian headline?

This PNM damage control outfit must be on duty 24/7 having regard to the propensity and frequency with which PM Manning is so embarrassingly and naively unaware of both the gravity and far-reaching implications of his flippant, trivialising and thoughtless pronouncements. This is a further embarrassment to all of us in T&T and a blemish on our international image.

Why does Narace think that he can hoodwink us into believing that he can explain more accurately and convincingly what PM Manning said and meant when the latter should be the only one to complain and seek an unnecessary apology from the Guardian? This is not a party matter. It involves the Head of Government who is elaborating Government's new policy. The PNM cannot separate the state of T&T from the party because: "L'Etat c'est PNM."

PRO Narace reminds me of the pathetic attempt of Minister Imbert recently in trying to justify the Mannings' joy ride on the Bombardier Luxury Jet to Antigua. That was another example of damage control.

When PM Manning used the term "mixed development" in respect to the allocation of the lands of Caroni, he was convinced, unlike Narace, that the 7500 former Caroni workers did not adequately meet his peculiar diversity criteria in Caroni. He had to add 11,000 more residents, most of whom will be PNM supporters, being relocated to tilt the electoral balance in Couva North on top of the HDC's Edinburgh 500 Housing Scheme. This is balance PNM-style. The PNM has already succeeded in upsetting the delicate electoral balance in the marginals through the HDC's "non-mixed" philosophy, policy and practice. The HDC will not be involved in administering the lot allocation process of the 11,000 additional lots of Caroni for housing.

So that we have a non-mixed policy in the towns and the East-West Corridor and a mixed policy in Caroni. Both has the same electoral agenda - votes.

But PM Manning also referred to "communities that emerge as a consequence..." Douglarisation will be the natural consequence of an artificial, state-engineered programme of "mixed communities" effected via ethnic quotas. The Guardian has nothing to apologise for and must stand by its editorial judgement and independence irrespective of state advertising revenues and the veiled threats of reprisals issued by Narace.

The question is, having regard to the prevailing anarchic law of the jungle conduct taking place across T&T in spite of the rural-urban ethnic divide, how do you protect the physically weak, non-violent mind-set and the docile from the aggressive and the collateral damages associated with imported gang/turf warfare in a new "mixed communities" theatre? People have an inalienable right to choose the communities in which they wish to live and to defend their cultural life style and not to be deprived of that right by the fašade of a policy really designed to give lands for party political purposes. Indians are both mentally, religiously docile and physically weak to defend themselves as they must in mixed communities.

Who's Narace fooling but himself when he states that HDC's houses went to "all classes, ethnic groups... and all political affiliations". For the PNM the resources of the state of T&T belong to them by divine right/dictate. Rowley refused to disclose the ethnicity of the successful applicants for all HDC's houses although the names will clearly indicate the range of the imbalanced ethnic mix that is totally inconsistent with Manning's "mixed communities" philosophy.

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