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Manning's Ethnic Quotas For Central
Posted: Sunday, November 26, 2006

By Stephen Kangal

When will the elusive attributes of a "level head" and "common sense" return to take up residence in the originator of the criteria that he identified as being fundamental for achieving a Ministerial appointment? Or did the ghost of murdered darling child Sean Luke possess PM Manning and cause him to speak his usual brand of thoughtlessness in reprisal for statal negligence of the young and vulnerable on his Waterloo pilgrimage?

Out of the blue establishing 'mixed communities', that the Guardian headlined in bold yellow as "douglarisation", has become the instantaneous policy and philosophy of Government's housing programme geared to achieve diversity and conflict management. Is this also a new policy on positive discrimination totally and exclusively favourable to Afro- Trinidadians without any commensurate consideration whatever for the ethnic majority in T&T? If ethnic considerations are excluded from the selection criteria of the HDC that results in a 90 per cent domination/occupation by Afro -T&T why is it right to apply ethnic quotas in Central if not for voting purposes? Should the resources of the State be used for advancing naked political agendas?

No effort has been made by the PNM to manage and harness the economic and social wealth of T&T. There is a fixation to destroy it because it makes our African brothers and sisters very uncomfortable. This is the very first time that I have heard of a policy on diversity management and it is nonsensical as it is geared to capitalise on a isolated racial conflict.

The only way that Government can implement this deliberate policy of social re-engineering, cultural dilution and infiltration is by a system of ethnic quotas. But this policy cannot be limited to the lands of Caroni if we agree to this radical, nonsensical, ethnic resettlement departure.

Manning must begin with his target of achieving "mixed communities" by introducing an ethnic quota system that will result in greater equity, fairness and his brand of "diversity management" being achieved in the distribution and allocation of the houses being built by Rowley's Housing Development Corporation on current high priced lands located in urban-suburban areas.

This policy cannot be restricted to Central Trinidad because it will reek of geographic discrimination and increase the perception of an electoral security agenda that is geared to establish a PNM political foot- hold in Central using state resources. He must also create a pole of housing attraction to encourage Indo- Trinidadians to re- settle in Afro-dominated Tobago and the East-West Corridor as an integral and credible component of his "mixed communities" policy.

Manning has now opened a Pandora's box on his unilateral pastoral declaration of Government's policy and philosophy on diversity management/destruction in plural T&T. This is his knee-jerk, puerile and dictatorial response to the isolated Boot Hill-Felicity stand off. It is clear that he will capitalise on any opportunity to justify access to, relocation and redistribution of his Afro- supporters to lands that he now regards as the national patrimony. But the houses that the HDC builds and other state lands located outside of Caroni lands are also the national patrimony.

I have said before that the PNM cannot and is pathologically unable to think or to act outside of the ethnic box. Accordingly all actions are geared to forward and advance their electoral security agenda or the ballooning of their vote banks. But they are masters at putting a different spin on their naked pursuit of retaining government. Look at the large and expensive cadre of spin- doctors that they recruited as a matter of urgent priority.

As of now by constant spin the strategic building and location of HDC housing in the marginal constituencies to tilt the electoral balance in their favour as can be demonstrated in the constituencies of St. Joseph and Tunapuna that are now no longer marginal constituencies has become acceptable to the opinion makers and spin doctors.

He seems to have given his blessing by his loud silence to the aggressive reprisals and militant law breaking of Boot Hill against the media and the Felicity residents.

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