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What's the fuss about North Korean missiles?
Posted: Friday, July 7, 2006

Mr. Editor:

This "third world native" would like to know what all the fuss is about concening the North Korean missiles.

The "family of Western European nations" has them. India, Pakistan, and China has them. Even little Israel with its 3 million population has them.

Nelson Mandela's government inherited them and promptly got rid of them on the grounds that they were only intended to kill Africans, thus remaining the only true leader of a free world who thinks and acts like one.

So, tell me. I should trust white western nations to have this technology, but not non-white nations? I should trust white western Europe and the USA to look out for the best interests of North Korea and Iran?

If creating a missile of any sort is a macho test that nations must pass, and the west is super-macho, is it not "normal" for the other nations to want to do this also?

Now India and Pakistan got theirs in secret, so, allegedly, did Israel and South Africa during apartheid. Did the west demand that Botha's government get rid of his, that Israel disarm? In fact would it not be true to say that Israel's nuclear capacity was funded by American aid?

I cannot help but conclude that white Western European nations think that the world is theirs, theirs to destroy, and they built the capacity to do just that, but they do not trust the destructive capacity in the hands of others who are blithely referred to as rogue states.

These nations, led by the USA, colluded in the destruction of an ancient country's artifacts, people and infracstructure, on the trumped up charge that they had weapons of mass destruction. Now that that lie has been exposed, including the "yellow cake from Niger" bit, westerners continue to destroy Iraq daily. Which western nation had pleaded with the Gang of One to cease and desist?

If you were the leader of one of these non-western countries, treated with contempt by the west who want to force their lifestyles, values and economic domination on eyeryone, what would you do to protect yourself and your people from them? If they were constantly saber-rattling at you, what would you do?

This is not to say that everything in the west is bad. What is bad is the fact that the west believes it has the God-given right to force everyone to do as it says. In fact, one leader of the west behaves as if he thinks he is God.

I would suggest that leading papers and other media stop parroting the White House and ask themselves what the panic is really about? "Capable of reaching the United States" must not be another filmsy excuse for war without end to keep putting money into the pockets of the warmongers. It is not good for the world to have one dominant "super power". This is not a family where the father is in charge, but a community of nations.

Suppose China decides to attack North Korea, would we insist that they cease and desist, or will we stand gleefully by, while using our superior satellite information to help guide their missiles "home" to targets?

It is not reason to panic if the balance of power in world affairs is shifting eastwards. Europe has been dominant for about six hundred years and have made a bit of a mess. They started the "arms race" among themselves. Which European and North American nation has decommissioned its nuclear missiles? If my neighbour across the pond builds a two story house and keeps expanding, why should he be threatened if I add a half story to mine? He would be threatened if he believes that the whole pond is really his, and all I am entitled to is a tent on the other side.

Linda E. Edwards

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