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True dotishness, or political pigheadedness
Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2006

By Linda Edwards

We Trinis like to consider ourselves a democracy. We can learn from everyone else. We follow a Westminister system of Government, somewhat. We bash the media and criticise the government, and the opposition opposes everything.

So tell me media people, please tell me, where else in the world in a democratic system of government a leader of a major political party is found guilty of a crime against the people, is sentenced to prison, is forced by the Constitution to give up his seat in Parliament, offers his resignation to the party as leader, and has that resignation drowned out by chants of "Stay Bas, stay!"

Is the party proud of being led by a criminal? Is this the same party that had made 'Resign' a mantra of a suggestion to the present government when they were determined to make the country ungovernable, and had publicly pledged to do so?

Now, if a man is the head of a family and does a crime, he cannot be put out of the family; there is blood to consider. A political party is not a family. It's more like a business. Dirty business, maybe, but a business nonetheless.

Now if the head of a major company, like a bank for instance, was found guilty of a crime involving banking - his main business - not drunk driving or such, but a crime of malfeasance in office, and the major shareholders were insisting on his staying at the head of the bank, which dotish person would leave their money in that bank? In some democracies, drunk driving would also be cause to resign a position of public trust.

So where else in the Commonwealth of Nations, of which we claim membership, would such dotishness on the part of party leaders be tolerated? Does the party want TnT to be known as the country where the leader of a political party who is a convicted criminal, holds on to his party's leadership by popular outcry? Do they want the dotishness to smear all of us, even unborn children?

If there is some other logical conclusion that can be arrived at from this conduct, I would like to hear what it is.

Or is this a simple ploy to keep the party name in the headlines due to their lack of a viable plan of action for anything meaningful in TnT?

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