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Manning must rescind Exxon waiver
Posted: Monday, December 16, 2002

by Davy de Verteuil

Lets hope that the pressure does not stop here. Manning must rescind for it is not just the precedent which can be ongoing as they normally have in the nature of conglomerates running afoul and breaking their oaths and contracts to/in banana republics but the daylight robbery that perpetually rid small nations of the opportunity for developing both their human/society and structural resources.

It will be devastating for John Public to learn that the PM or anyone for that matter waived millions which could have enhance their chances of a better life.

How do we expect to re-educate and influence or youth when we leave them with such a powerful case against the state and with people like Yasin Abu Bakr mouthing-out in favor of the depressed ill-educated and the culture of Brands and crime in our society.

Every time I see governments operate with such high-handedness I see many more Jackals Bandits and Robin Hoods resurrecting with an appetite for death and anarchy as though such is the only counter measure.

Please Mr Manning, your actions will be unforgivable as this deal with Exxon will be a slap in the face for social and racial harmony confidence building in our little puny nation.

Who will listen to our leaders from here on? The recently rejected regime has done a very bad job at that thus the spiraling crime rate not to mention their cozy hot & cold dubious relationship with the Ali Babba of TnT.

Exxon is quite aware of its position to renege although it seeks to offer some difficulty if the problem is to be resolved in Trinidad and Tobago's favor (courts), which we are all certain that it would.

Trinidad and Tobago needs an Ambassador-at-large roaming the globe seeking out the best for our nation whilst building a thorough network of industrial and business intelligence that will aid us.

The Prime Minister must put on his hunting shoes and seek out the growing No. of oil exploration companies throughout the world which is not difficult, its as easy as looking forward to see the sun rise the following day. There are oil companies that can and will TNT far better deals for much sustain and longer periods should they be given the opportunity to invest in TNT energy industries.

Currently we are behaving as though we have something nobody wants and that kind of desperation, to put it simply tantamount to selling oil for 'doubles'.

It is high time Trini ministers begin to visit the far eastern countries and have a look at the models they used to build their once miserable jungle states into serious competition with infrastructures and first class living accommodation Schools and Universities hospitals and clinics shopping centers and sky scrapers environmental balancing and ecological tolerance racial harmony and ethnic economic balance national treasures and sovereign dependence both in the private and Public sectors.

Though being away from home for so long on my short return to TNT in 2000 I was flabbergasted to have learned that the pretty colored warehouse on my way from the old Piarco airport was the new International Air Port.

We have corruption everywhere in the world but only in Trinidad they thief yet don't deliver.

The very system of the free market economy presided by the West is geared by corruption but in most countries - I can speak for Asia and Europe - the governments and their cronies deliver.

Nations that was way backward when Trinidad was the beneficiary of political and environmental fallout of both the international oil industry and the manufacturing outlet/Nations since the creation of OPEC the Gulf War and the Fall of Communism have passed us as though we were on a wrecked oil barge whilst they ASIA were on a formula 1 economic racing circuit.

I do understand the powerful one-sided interest of the Exxon as against what it seems to be now the technocrats in our Energy industry and the situation just across the boarder is just what the Prime Minister dread so with Exxon appealing to Manning if APPEAL is the right term for discussions could hardly guise the big bad wolf insisting that he aren't paying a damn sent in penalties further more he wants MORE rather than having the situation turn into regime change affair.

Manning still stand a chance as ideology does not play a roll in our economic policies and that might just escape their envy.

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