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Confusing Kidnapping Signals
Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2002

By Stephen Kangal

I am patently disappointed with the confusing, almost contradictory signals (the explanatory paradigm) directed almost simultaneously to the crime- besieged national community by COP Hilton Guy and the Honourable Prime Minister on the 28 kidnappings committed hitherto this year (Newsday, Tuesday Nov. 5, pp. 4 and 6).

Police Commissioner Guy in declaring open the recent Money Laundering Conference held at the Hilton is attributed to have said, inter alia: "The most we have is that we know who are the people (a group of people) involved in kidnapping."

Any reasonable Trinbagonian but more so the families of recent kidnapping victims should not hesitate now to ask the following with a clear expectation of receiving a response:

a.. What else do you need to know, COP?

b.. Does not knowing the group and/or individuals involved constitute reasonable grounds to justify, firstly a 24-hour surveillance of these persons to facilitate the COP's "predictive response" to pre-empt further kidnappings and/or secondly, to effect arrests based on a reasonable, preventative-based suspicion that the known persons concerned were about to contravene the criminal laws?

c.. After 28 kidnappings to date have been committed by persons known to the police why no arrests, detentions or convictions?

Prime Minister Manning has re-iterated his view apparently based on National Security Council information that there were politically-minded persons acting as accessories to kidnappers known to the Police to incite political unrest and instability in the pre- and -post-election periods even though the bulk of the victims are wealthy, middle class, mercantile Indians with no known or imaginary political links.

Is the Special Branch relaying a modicum of intelligence to COP Guy and another kind of a more detailed political complexion to the Honourable Prime Minister?

My information obtained from an on- the- scene source is that someone living in the vicinity of 31 St. Cecilia Road, El Dorado summoned the police after being distracted by audible, continuous, unusual noises and groans made by incarcerated, unguarded kidnap victim Clint Arjoon. How can Mr. Arjoon be transported 40 miles from Penal to El Dorado undetected? Where Anaconda gone?

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