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Security Woman Shot Dead

Sandra Gomez a security guard with Telecom Security Services was shot dead today. She was shot in the head and chest with her own gun, after being stabbed.
Miss Gomez was on duty at Lever Brothers compound. It is said that she was at her desk alone in a remote warehouse area.
Her attackers came in like a bolt from the blue. After being pounced upon by the bandits she put up a struggle and was shot.

Miss Gomes 31 was the mother of an eleven-year-old daughter.
Imagine Multi-million dollar companies like Lever Brothers affording only ONE Security Guard to protect and defend millions of dollars worth in stock. In an isolated warehouse location. One Guard? One Woman!!!

If Governments can legislate laws to ensure maximum Insurance against Pit Bulls and the ill effects of a Pit Bull attack. Then, what of our human society?
Our Fathers, Brothers and Children, our Women are killed defending and protecting properties and people who’s existence is never in their best interest. They are the first to die in the event of an attack.

Is it that a life is worth more if it is mauled and eaten by a Pit Bull? ($1,000,000.00). One million TT$.

Security companies should be made to secure proper insurance for employees. That money should be doubled if the Security Workers are dead or injured on duty because they were left in vulnerable circumstances. {“ Not being relieved on time or not having enough ‘back-up’ to secure victory over perpetrators.”}

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