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Re: Baksh paid Birk Hillman $30M for work not done

PNM and UNC should both resign, quiet abdication would do better for the healing of our Nation.

It is so inimical to try to defend Political Parties. As we see every day any thing can happen.
One manís Kleptomania can incur the demise of all. Even those, who have been potentially innocent.

Ramesh, Ralph, Sudama and Mr. U. Persad left the UNC for a reason whatever the reason, it was enough to ďbuss-upĒ the party.
The PNM lost grounds with the Nation many years ago. This came about because of corruption. They would never have ended up in the seats of opposition if they were balance and true to the national electorate.
The UNC was doing just fine with Hype and Activity until they went beyond the call of their Civic Duties.

We in Trinidad and Tobago must learn to look beyond the UNCís abc or PNMís xyz.
We must speak openly of the ďWRONGSĒ regardless of the root of itís criminal intent.
We should not limit our social awareness to the foolishness of Panday or the futility of Manning.

Many people limit themselves to an environment of ethnic bonds, rather than standing up against all those bent
On making criminal intent the essence of Good Performance.

Politicians in both the UNC and PNM have been guilty of the recurrent compulsion to steal without regard or respect for those who elected them.

We need a Constitution that is better suited to our social evolution.
One, which will not facilitate racial or adversarial voting among our different ethnic groups.

We should leave no room for Racism to thrive in this country. If foolish people keep planting seeds of senselessness instead of dealing with issues as presented. Trinidad and Tobago will end up like, "The Tree that ate itís own fruits".

To take comfort in
Long live the UNC
Long live the PNM,
Is rather unfortunate.
This can only be the reality of the uniformed.

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Re: Baksh paid Birk Hillman $30M for work not done
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