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Re: Cry wolf, get out-foxed
In Response To: Cry wolf, get out-foxed ()

Dear defeated "revolutionary" (HA!),

Good afternoon. It is more than a little strange to observe someone, especially a "public figure", such as yourself, carry a grudge for the better part of 3 decades. Mr. Shah, I don't doubt that the UNC, and especially Mr. Panday are guilty of many crimes. I would question your objectivity, however, since your animosity toward the UNC seems to be of a very personal nature. You're just so angry with Mr. Panday. You're quite a joke, really!

I would also question your objectivity since I see no comparitive (in terms of degree) criticisms of the certain events under this appointed PNM government. Sure, you have criticised, but not nearly with the same passion.

Consider these as also worth of your literary/revolutionary genius.

1) a 30 member cabinet almost exclusively Afro trinidadian

2) Mrs Hazel Manning, Honourable unelected minister of education

3) Mr. Lenny Saith, not so honourable unelected minister of .... oops i don't remember or give a damn

4) Other dubious cabinet appointees

5) "Petrosingh" anyone? Did you all hear that? Or was it my imagination. Should I call the army the Defence force of Kunta Kinte in response eh?

6) No parliament for nearly a year. No democratic due process.

7) Louis Lee Sing radio license

8) What about all the recent expenditure on PNM projects? Would you say that there was transparency here? Were these expenditures even budgeted? eh?

My personal opinion. There's shit on both sides. I would be grateful if person's such as yourself would take the time to be as "passionate" about UNC as well as PNM shit!

By the way, I'm not going to threaten your life. As far as I'm concerned you're intellectually DEAD anyway.

So long Mr. revolutionary....

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Cry wolf, get out-foxed
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