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Last chance for dignity

Today we express shock at the shenanigan`s of the now dethroned Prime Minister and his band of thugs posing as politicians and statesmen. After the 18/18 deadlock of the elections of Dec' 10th 2001, Panday agreed to abide by the decision of the President who had the power and authority per the Constitution to appoint a Prime Minister without even providing an explanation. Now that Mr Panday was found wanting and the Prime Ministership given to Manning, instead of seizing this one last chance to display some dignity, class and decorum, Mr Panday and his band of thugs chose to immediately declare the agreement which he voluntarily signed in a meeting with Mr Manning null and void, and is now seeking to have this country degenerate into anarchy by refusing to cooperate in the naming of a speaker of the house. The thought behind this action is to produce a domino effect, no Speaker= no Parliament= no Government effectively forcing this country to return to the polls in three weeks time ,which will surely produce the same 18/18 deadlock once again, how ludicrous is that!!!. I am a Trini living in the Washington Dc metropolitan area, I am an Internet Network Engineer and I attend Howard University where I am pursuing a Bsc in Political Science Maj in International Relations and Pre Law, I am glad that I have had the opportunity to observe in America how so may different races work and study together, I hope to return home in a few years and serve my country again, this time in a Professional/ Political capacity. My main bone of contention is that you cannot put a thief to guard money just as you cannot put a dog who sucks egg to guard eggs, they will only do what comes naturally, either steal or suck eggs. Mr Panday has shown time and time again that he is not worthy to lead Trinidad, he has no dignity and he is a rabble rouser, whenever he is asked for an explanation concerning some matter of impropriety he thumbs his nose at the press and refuses to answer ex. the two Benzes that he recently purchased and the $ 500,000.00 cheque that was made out to him. In closing I wish to state that even though Trinidad and Tobago has an approx literacy percent of 94, our populace are still not politically savvy, we have almost a 50/50 split of Indians and Negroes in the country and two main political parties one being East Indian/UNC and the other being Negro/PNM, and the people basically still vote along racial/ tribal lines so this phenomenon of 18/18 split in elections may be with us for a long time to come.

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