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Re: Where is the Balance? Right before your eyes!
In Response To: Where is the Balance? ()

What a communion of holiness (Left eye)
What a communication of hypocrisy (Right eye)
Civil defiance ……Yes I.
The last administration gave the ‘Perception” that they were corrupting the system.
Did you say “PERCEPTION”?
Perception is as light as a feather compared to the Ton-Load of allegations on the UNC’s Head. (I won’t even bother enumerate the various charges.)

Yes, we should know how to distinguish the forest from the trees. But when there are two potentially poisonous trees in the forest of democracy it is absurd to cut down one and leave the other.

If there is as you say Real corruption now in the PNM…why are there no charges filed against them? Please assist us and take your evidence to the Police. Let the PNM be punished. Yes I.

You have discredited your own intelligence by stating.”The past will remain in the past.”
This goes beyond idiocy!!!. So we should NOT investigate, prosecute or charge any one guilty of crimes, yesterday or yesteryear, because what’s past is past. Eh?
Forget the Billion$$$ crimes committed by the UNC and only focus now on the eight month old googly governance of the PNM. Right?
I can assure you crimes of the UNC are very hot on our Democratic Front burner and it will be there for quite a while.
You said the PNM is using it’s term in office to promote it’s own political campaign,
That comes naturally with the PNM. They have always been guilty of that. Bad habits are had to kill. To imply this was never done by any other previous administration, I think you should voluntarily check yourself into an affordable asylum.

We have never been in an 18-18 situation before, and if the PNM is abusing Power then the UNC is helping them to do it.
Staying away from Parliament is politically childish. The UNC could have taken this to a more mature level by battling the PNM face to face in Parliament…. by representing the concerns of the >PEOPLE< where they are lawfully expected to.

Once they ‘stand their grounds’ as we say, election must be called and definitely will be called when it is constitutionally due. That’s the Balance. Equal representation, equal responsibility on both sides of the fence.

You should regurgitate your bogus indigestion of futility, claiming that this administration has the country divided. Again you are seeing only what you want to see.
Crime is out of control…what blatant hypocrisy. Are the sins of Peter more sinful than the sins of Paul?
Panday is the only Political Leader in this country that called upon the entire Nation to engage in criminal activity. In every community the criminals will respond according to their level of intelligence.” Carlos John” did.
Any form of disobedience to the Law of the Land is a Crime. White collar, Blue collar, Kidnapping, Murder, Political crime Grassroots crime. [Crime is Crime]
Civil disobedience>>>The Most dim-witted articulation of Political arrogance.

You are saying today. >>.> The Leader of government whether selected or elected is ultimately responsible for every thing that goes on in this country.
That says a lot about your lack of all-round good sense. Nevertheless you have grown up from your blissful ignorance yesterday by asking the question “Why is the PNM undermining the Independence of the EBC. Please, enlighten your self with your own sentence. If according to you “They are ultimately responsible for every thing that goes on, then don’t expect them to sit by and ignore the legitimate recommendations made by the Commission of Enquiry.
Why did you object to this?
“You have equated you wisdom of yesterday to utter rubbish.”

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Where is the Balance?
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Re: Where is the Balance? Right before your eyes!
Re: Where is the Balance? Right before your eyes!
Re: Where is the Balance? Right before your eyes!
Re: Where is the Balance?
Re: Where is the Balance?
Re: Where is the Balance?
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