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Independence of E.B.C.?

It is a SAD DAY in any country when an institution formed to be the basis independence in a democratic society is abused and scolded by the 'government in power’ for acting in a manner that it was constitutionally mandated to act.

Apparently, it appears that the Office of Attorney General is being mis-used and corrupted by the current holder who constantly use this Office to propagate the political campaign of bully-ism and pseudo-like high-hand tactics to force this corrupt PNM Administration upon the Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

This high Office of Attorney General is constitutionally mandated to act in a manner that is free and fair of political aspirations or motives. Mrs. Moeron has now put this Office into high disrepute. Her actions concerning the letter to the EBC to scold them for not hiring, on contract, a strategic management adviser is testimony to this. The Office she holds should not be used to abuse one of the most independent institutions in Trinidad and Tobago. Besides, she has no business in reprimanding them.

The EBC has acted in a most honorable way by maintaining its INDEPENDENCE (i.e. its ability to come to its own conclusions and act in a manner where it is not subjected to undue influence and duress). The EBC has shown that it will stand up to undue influence and duress placed on this body by an Administration who seems to be struggling to hold on to POWER, a Government whose motives are to USE the high offices in this land to exploit and victimize unfairly the people of this land who do not hold their views. The PNM is using these same Offices to defend such an ABUSE OF POWER by claiming they are doing it on behalf of the 'people'. Such feeble minded attempts to CORRUPT the political system of this country will not be tolerated.

The letter to the EBC contained language by the AG that reeked of contempt on disdain, of bullying and PNM propagation. It said nothing about why does the PNM want their own people to be inside the EBC. It arrogantly suggested that if the PNM does not get its way it would corrupt the procedures to superimpose itself upon this independent body.

Imagine the PNM has gotten a PNM Commission of Inquiry to make recommendation, of which one of them is to remove the EBC Commissioners (who were selected via an independent process) without any basis. Then they want to put in a contract position to oversee the independent Commissioners. This contract person is not perceived to be independent because he/she was hired by this Administration i.e. this person is a PNM appointee

Therefore it appears the PNM is trying to CORRUPT the EBC by removing properly appointed persons to put in their own people, thereby removing the INDEPENDENCE of the EBC and replacing it with PNMites Commissioners. Furthermore, the AG accuses the EBC Commissioners of adopting “an adversarial attitude towards the Government’ and goes on to suggest that the PNM Government is representative of the "people of Trinidad and Tobago".

How can one person be so CLUELESS to reality, for which 'people' are she talking about, PNM supporters only?

The report goes on to say "She also noted that while the EBC was constituted as an independent body, the government had an obligation, and a duty, to provide staff for the EBC." What does this mean that the EBC does not know what it is doing and the PNM Cabinet knows better?

Mrs. Moron, the people of Trinidad and Tobago were never fools and this charade of a Patrick Manning Administration stinks of hate, corruption and incompetence, no matter how you try repositioning it. It is time you guys come up with something new not cheap and stupid.

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