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media censorship

Whoever you are....

You apparently represent the views of the PNM ..(of course)therefore that explains why you cant represent the views of all of society.

But after reading `the trouble with Aryans` you are beginning to sound like of of those `Aryans`.

Thank you Lloyd for your piece.Read Lloyd`s peice on the `Aryans`.

We certainly see there are really some blind,insecure, P.C., who will try to rationaLIES.

Cant you see you are being a racist. Are you really that empty inside?

A P.C. type like you will try to rationaLIES every thing to suit your own little mind.

Your poisoned honey will not win me over!


When the UNC WAS there why did`nt you say more then.
The PNM is there NOW and YOU chose to defend THEM, while you hypocritically condemn the past!?
Why are you not condemning CENSORSHIP?! Is it you approve of the Government's injustice to your society. If you say ~YES~ then you are certainly not a T&T citizen.

Dont tie up yourself - if you are against Censorship then you must be against ALL censorship. ALL of society is hurt by censorship. Come on citizen, be responsible to you fellow human beings.

I call on you to talk honestly about how life hurts in a sick society, support one another and grow out of belief-based domination. And learn to be free not CENSORED.

Trinidad and Tobago is a paradise man, you either love it or get out!

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media censorship
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